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1st Ever 3D Print House Built in Kancheepuram, India

1st Ever 3D Print House Built in Kancheepuram, India- Newz of day

With the advent of today’s thrilling modern technology, the 3D printing which is otherwise called as additive manufacturing is in process that helps mankind by making three dimensional solid objects from digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is shaped. Each of these layers can be seen as thinly sliced cross-sections of the object. 3D printing is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing which is hollowing out a piece of metal or plastic with for instance a milling machine. To understand simply, a 3D printing technology basically is a computer-controlled execution of printing an object layer-by-layer and is being used for manufacturing various prototype models and producing complex shapes of engineering products, but 3D printing with concrete has remained at a nascent stage internationally till today. This AI technology of 3D printing is proving to be very efficient and precise in constructing complicated solid structures in present time.

According to the recent Harvard Business Review, over 30% of the top 300 largest global brands now are using or evaluating 3D printing processes, whether to prototype new products or conduct other innovation-research projects or to perform the real production of what they sell. As said by Dartmouth’s Richard D’Aveni, “there is no question that 3D has reached a tipping point.” The report looks at the current status of the 3D printing industry and in doing so it makes a bold prediction:

“The question is not if, but when companies need to start considering 3D printing.”

This means that we may have arrived now at a turning point for manufacturing, and those businesses that are still on the fence about the advantages of 3D printing soon might find themselves falling into a deep, dark chasm of financial heartache. There is nothing to indicate that it is not one of the usual concrete buildings of the urban landscape, but it is different and it is special.  As according to the brand-new news of 3D building in Chennai, India what makes it unique is its ground-plus-first floor building in Kancheepuram, about 75 km from Chennai that has been fully constructed using only a 3D printer and a special concrete mix. L&T, the engineering and construction company has built this concrete building using a fully automated 3D printer with an indigenously advanced concrete mixture and some manual labor. The special concrete mix used by the printer has been prepared using the same concrete composition used for regular construction materials. Mr. M.V. Satish, senior executive vice president (Buildings) L&T, said the success of the building project lies in its construction executed in both vertical and horizontal methods using reinforced bars and welded mesh. The building project was executed at an open project site and has been completed within 106 printing hours. The vertical and horizontal methodology formulated for the 3D building project meets the provisions of the Indian codes for construction. The cost is optimal, compared to what is spent on traditional manpower and material-intensive construction, he added. This 700-sq. ft. building is an advancement over the company’s project last year, a 3D printed 240-sq. ft. one-bedroom house aimed at promoting building layouts and exploring 3D printing technology for house construction. It could make housing for all viable.

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