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600 Million people are not getting clean water

600 million people are not getting clean water

600 million people are not getting clean water
Not only the government, but society will also wake up only when the environment
Deepak Rai, Bhopal (EMS). World Environment Day is being celebrated worldwide on Wednesday. This day was marked so that the situation could be exposed to the people. The trees are cutting fast, and the forest is getting reduced.
For this reason the water is falling short. Decreasing water sources Air pollution is at a peak. Digital garbage is also a significant problem when a computer comes. Even in Madhya Pradesh, this danger is fast approaching. Forest and water sources are getting reduced in the state. The results are in front of everyone – many of the city’s cities are included in the hottest cities of the world. From today, EMS News Agency is mobilizing the campaign. In this monsoon season, every citizen should plant each plant and handle it until it becomes a tree. Because of the protection of the environment in the environment, it is also necessary for society …

Deforestation forests in the state
33% of land should be forested
Forests in 30.71 percent of the earth were in 2011
25.11 percent of the property is in the forest
In 2011, there was 77700 thousand square km area of ​​woodland. Only 77462 thousand sq. Km area left in 2015

Madhya Pradesh in crisis
Recently, Khargone of Madhya Pradesh had joined the world’s hottest cities. After this, many districts, including Naogaon and Chhatarpur, were involved continuously in the hot top-10 towns of the world. It can be estimated from how the environment of the state is unbalanced.

Crisis for the country
The critical water crisis in front of 60 million people
2 lakh people die of clean water (per annum)
By 2030, water demand in the country will be doubled from available water distribution.
India is at 120th position in the Water Quality Index
70 percent polluted is water
(Policy Commission’s ‘Comprehensive Water Management Index’ (CWMI) ” Report
Report June 2018)

Who is responsible
Uncontrolled pollution, deforestation, uncontrolled construction are the reasons for global warming. Not only the government, but society also does not want to protect the environment. Today people make a house but avoid using a tree in the house. This time the theme of organizing ‘Environment Day’ has been kept ‘Beat Air Pollution,’ i.e. ‘Behind Air Pollution’.

Law in India
The Environment Protection Act came into force in India from November 19, 1986. But this law is not being thoughtfully implemented.

World worries
70 percent of the earth is water, but it is saline
03 percent is worth drinking in the world
40 percent more water will be demanded by 2030
11 cities of the world will crave water, Bengaluru too
(Due to the glacier melting due to warming the water level of the ocean is rising. Many countries fear the sinking)

What is the environmental day
Concerned by the United Nations’ serious problem of increasing pollution in the environment in 1972, the foundation stone of World Environment Day was celebrated on June 05.

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