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Affects the neck and jaw – while using phone or tablet.

With the rise of phone and tablet ownership in the US, there has been an increase in neck bending or bending methods compared to desktop or laptop computer use. According to these findings, researchers at the University of Arkansas have observed neck and jaw postures while using electronic devices. Research has found that women and younger individuals tilt or twist their neck in different ways than men and tall people, it is associated with the pain of women’s neck and jaw.

Affects the neck and jaw - while using phone or tablet.

Some evidence suggests that the use of these devices, such as cell phones or tablets, affects both the neck and jaw in certain postures, causing pain in both. Research also found that the use of the phone in certain ways has an effect on the jaw and teeth along with the neck. Neck, toothache may also be the way to use your mobile phone. The study found that people turning their necks to look at their mobile or other devices have an effect on sex and height.

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