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(Ahmedabad) Jain Temple at 2.07 pm, Mahavir Swami, will have Tolak by Surya Kiran

Ahmedabad (EMS) | Surya Kiran Tilak will be inaugurated at Maha Vira Jain hospital, located in Koba near Ahmedabad, on Wednesday at 2.07 pm. A large number of devotees have started gathering in the morning to see this supernatural astronomical event occurring once a year. Special arrangements have been made for Jain temple to see such incident. This arrangement has been made to be seen from the closed-circuit camera. Indeed, the 41-inch statue of Padmasana Mudra of Mahavir Swami has been honoured with the 24th pilgrimage of Jains in Gandhinagar’s Koba. On 22nd May at 2.07 a.m., beautiful views are found every year. On 2 o’clock in the 7 minutes, Sun Kiran Tilak is at the guard of Mahavira Swami. For the last 30 years, such an underground incident only gets noticed in the Jain temple of Koba. Every year only seven minutes devotees get an opportunity to see this phenomenon. For which a large number of devotees gather in the Jain temple.


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