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(Ahmedabad) More than 15 MLAs can leave Congress: Claim of Thakur.

| Among the speculations of joining the BJP, Ameesh Thakore has made a big claim. Before the Lok Sabha elections, Thaipesh Thakor, who resigned from the Congress, says that more than 15 MLAs of Congress can bid farewell to the party. After meeting with Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Monday, MLA of North Gujarat’s Radhanpur constituency, Ameesh Thakore, speculated that his involvement in BJP was intensified. However, this speculation was being made before the Lok Sabha elections when he had resigned from all the Congress posts. After the clearance of the Congress in Gujarat in the Lok Sabha elections, it is inevitable that Thackeray may join the BJP soon.
Meanwhile, Aneesh Thakor has claimed that the Gujarat Congress has got scared and in the Lok Sabha elections, the state has got faster after the clearance is over. Alpesh said that the party leaders are working against the elected MLAs in the Congress. Even without the consent of the legislator, his constituency anti-election camp is being entrusted with the responsibility of the organization. Because of which many MLAs are angry. He claims that more than 15 MLAs of Congress can leave the party very soon. While praising the BJP, Ameesh Thakore said that Modi was not a Modi wave anymore, in which the Congress was completely cleared, and he would not be able to stand for the next ten years. Thakore said that he had contributed a lot to Modi Tsunami. The Congress, which claims to win three to four seats in Gujarat, does not open the account.

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