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NASA doing this on making an aircraft -With the radiation of greenhouse gas

NASA doing this on making an aircraft -With the radiation of greenhouse gas

American Space Agency NASA is planning to create an aircraft that will not radiate greenhouse gas altogether. Research for this electric aircraft has been started from NASA. The analysis is being carried out in search of the liquid hydrogen fuel cell as an environmentally friendly power source. With this effort, for the first time, hydrogen power can be used for large planes and can revolutionize the commercial aviation industry.

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It is noteworthy that hydrogen cells have been used for electricity in the first cars and trains, but large tanks were needed to keep liquid hydrogen to run a plane, but the cheetah researcher used the liquid hydrogen to eliminate this limit. Want to do According to the report, the leadership of this project is a scientist at the Illinois University of Sciences. This project includes the University’s Aerospace Engineer Philip, Electrical Engineer Kirubaba and his colleagues.

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This program has been named as Center for Cryogenic High-Efficiencies Electrical Technologies for Aircraft (Cheetah). NASA will spend 60 million dollars for this three-year research project. Regarding the project, Professor Philip said, “The main focus of the program is to develop an electric aircraft platform that uses cryogenic liquefied hydrogen. Hydrogen Chemical Energy is transformed into electric energy through many fuel cell, which runs the ultra-efficient electrical propulsion system.-sources-EMSNASA doing this on making an aircraft -With the radiation of greenhouse gas

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