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(Amritsar) Pakistan does not want Modi to be PM again

Neighboring Pakistan also faces the consequences of the coming Lok Sabha elections on May 23. Given the ongoing tension between the two countries, interest in Pakistan’s election results is not surprising. Apart from this, many people living in Pakistan have relatives and relatives in India. Stress on the boundary affects their relationship. That is why the people of Pakistan do not want Prime Minister Narendra Modi to become PM again.
Most Pakistani citizens are sharing their opinions through the TV news channel about the return of the NDA government led by Narendra Modi and posting it on social media. Shah Alam, who lives in Lahore, told a Pakistani TV channel that Modi should not come back to power, he used to have a surgical strike in Pakistan. A second man Aijaz said that I doubt there is a return to power with the majority of Modi. I am sure they will not get a majority, which is good for Pakistan.
It is notable that a few months ago, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had said that if Modi wins the 2019 election, the peace talks between the two countries will be better. Pakes living in London, Riyaz says the idea of ​​people living in Pakistan is different from those living abroad. We believe that Modi should return to power again. This will work as a deterrent for terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan and will force the government of Pakistan to end terrorism from our homeland.

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