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Antacid is fatal for kidney will have to give warning on medicine wrappers

Antacid is fatal for kidney

Large quantities of antacids are being used in our country to avoid the problem of gas, but it is rarely known that its consumption can be fatal for the kidneys. Keeping this in mind, a new rule related to sale of antacids has been implemented, whose main objective is to promote the safety of patients. Under the new rule, it will be necessary to give this warning on the wrapper of antacids that its use can be highly harmful to the kidney. A directive was issued by the Drugs Controller General of India, asking all state regulatory authorities and direct manufacturers of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) that antacids have a large share of the market and that people consume the drug in large quantities. However, an adverse effect of this medicine can be very fatal to the kidneys, a warning should be given in the packaging of this medicine.

A new rule related to sale of antacids has been implemented

Antacid is fatal for kidney
Antacid is fatal for kidney

Which is the drug reaction of this medicine. In addition, such warnings will also be given inside the packaging of medicines that include pantoprazole, omeprazole, lansoprazole, esomprazole and their combination. For this, a paper written about this will be inserted in the packaging of the medicine or information about it will be given prominently on the prescription drug label. However, so far information about safe and effective use of medicine is given. Recently, global studies on anti-allergy pills revealed that long-term consumption of tablets used to avoid problems such as gas and burns, health like kidney damage, acute renal disease, chronic kidney disease and gastric cancer related problems may dominate. Official sources said the issue has been evaluated and case studied by several experts over the past few months, including the National Co-ordination Center for Pharmacovigilance Program.

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