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Apple to Settle Litigation Regarding iPhone Battery Life

Apple to Settle Litigation Regarding iPhone Battery Life newz of day

iPhones have been the exemplary style craze among consumers since it had entered the market.

However, recently it had failed to meet the expectations as the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 have started showing problems in their battery lives. Hence Apple has to provide 113 million dollars i.e. 840 crores in rupees as settlement to 33 U.S. states and the district of Columbia resolving the allegations that, the company made misrepresentations about the batteries in older iPhone models and software updates that dealt with the performance levels of the devices.

Additionally, Apple also had agreed to pay up to 500 million dollars to old and present U.S. customers of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus as well as first generation iPhone SE. Apple promised to pay its customers about 25 dollars per device depending on the number of complaints.

However, Apple did not disclose much information about why the battery problems have been occurring except passing it off as an update. Apple never made an immediate remark on the issue anyways. Also, it had never admitted of any wrong doing and just agreed to the payout for settlements. There have been charges against Apple that, it had forced people to make unnecessary early purchasing of newer models of iPhones in market justifying software upgradation and then offered steep reductions on battery replacements.

Apple also settled a case with France’s consumer watchdog to pay EUR 25 million, Rs. 200 crores in a related case. French prosecutors opened an investigation in January 2018 at the request of the Halt Planned Obsolescence (HOP) association.

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