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(Begusarai) Beggarsarai’s boyfriend couple beat, tried to rape a woman.

A video of Begusarai in Bihar is getting viral, in which some miscreants are beating the lover couple. During this time, the miscreant also abused with the maiden. In this viral video, the number of youths in the 5-6 number is accompanied by a loving couple, and they are seen battling near the bridge. The miscreant lover is brutally abusing the couple, beaten with a sting, and is also trying to misbehave with the girl. This case is being told of Jaguar village of Veerpur police station area. The couple is repeatedly requesting them to leave the pistols, but it does not seem to have any effect on the latter. A crooked girl is frequently giving a lot of tricks and crap. According to the voice coming in the video, the lover duo is being told of Maida Bababhagaama. DSP Head Quarter Kundan Kumar Singh said that the viral video had been given to the Chief of Police of Veerpur. On this basis, instructions have been given to identifying the two men. In August last year, there was a case of mistreatment with a loving couple in Bihar. This video was from Bihar’s Gaya district, in which the people of the village give abusive couples to the couple and ask them to bring their parents. The girl is quite frightened by the mistreatment of the villagers. The people of the village tighten their suspicions and talk about getting married.’

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