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Best Hacks that Neatly Organizes Your Make up Routine!

Best Hacks that Neatly Organizes Your Make up Routine newz of day

Our busy lives make it truly difficult to keep everything at place. Make up is something that balances both femininity and individual identity to a woman today may it be a working professional or a busyness lady. It’s a need of every woman. But what is really tricky is to manage the daily make up ritual and having a neat and organized make up routine.

This article gives a few tidy Hacks that makes your styling routine easy and neat.

  1. When you have some spare time check for all the expiry dates of the beauty products you have. “Once they pass, active ingredients and preservatives start to become less effective,” says cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. If you are skipping this step then you’re putting yourself at risk for irritation or infections. If you don’t see a date on something, just rather look for order history. But in general, “anything that goes near your eyes should be tossed after 3 to 6 months and anything that goes on your lips after 12,” Robinson says. Liquid and cream face products (like foundation and blush) generally last a year after they’ve been opened, and powder formulas can be stretched to 18 months maximum. (quick tip: If it isn’t marked with an expiration date, write down the month and year you open it on a piece of tape and stick it on the product for your fast reference for when you need it later.)
  1. Get rid of dirty and ruined products or brushes even if it is under the expiry date. Exposure to dirty fingers, improper storage, or without a lid for too long are tell tell signs that you should through it soon than use it further. If you find the colour any different or the texture has changed, or you get a whiff of anything strange, throw it out ASAP. And also, sometimes the tools need to be thrown out too: “A sign your brushes may need to be replaced is if their shape doesn’t bounce back post-wash,” says Marc Reagan, director of global artistry, education, and events at Hourglass Cosmetics.
  2. Throw out the stuff that you are never going to use. Getting a beauty product as a gift from a friend or a relative or just because it looks so damn attractive does not justify keeping it even when it is of no use and making the ither useful tools dirty and untidy.Sanitize all the applicators like sponges, brushes, sharpen eyebrow pencils, liners. Sanitizing is a must do habit for keeping yourself safe from infections of bacteria and fungus. Old applicators or repeated use of applicators make things worse with germs on their surface reaching straight to your pores and skin. Use mild shampoos and cleaners to wash them regularly and deep clean them with rubbing alcohol at least once a month and keep them ready to use. For instance, eye products. Pencils and crayons should be sharpened at least once a week to reveal a fresh tip before use and should be lightly misted with the alcohol spray you use on your tools. Sadly, you can’t really clean lipsticks, cream concealershighlighters, or twist-up stick products without making a mess, so if you feel like yours have been contaminated (e.g., you dropped on the floor or got bullied into sharing with a roommate), use a paring knife to slice off the very top layer. Outer packaging should also be wiped down every few weeks with a disinfectant the wipe.
  3. Next step is to organize the products to a specific compartment at a particular place to deal with it daily. Classify the daily products and party products or any other classifications as according to your needs and keep the products separately following these classifications to your utmost convenience. Like you can keep your everyday makeup in one of the two compartments and any extras you’re your Beauty blender, tweezerslash curler, Q-tips, and that one random lipstick you just couldn’t part with) in the other. Always keep the products away from sun exposure and in a cool dry place, out and far from moist areas like bathrooms and make sure to get all the covers and lids neatly and tightly closed.

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