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Building a better society where women are respected

Building a better society where women are respected

Today, the whole world is celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March, it is known by all that there are two wheels of the vehicle of female and male life, which are of equal importance and it is possible to discharge a smooth life in harmony with both. it happens.  Before talking about the past, present and possible nature of Indian woman, it is very important for all of us to know what is the true potential of women?  Male and female are two distinct creations of the divine.These two are also mandatory complement of each other.In the absence of one, the other is ineffective, but in Indian culture, the role of the woman is considered more honorable than the male. In our mythological texts, while acknowledging the importance of women, it has even been said that – “Yatra Narayastu Poojayante Ramante Tatra Deity”.That is, where the women are worshiped, the deities reside there or the homemaker Grihamatyahu or Griharamukyate. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March to honor the women of this respected woman as the power of creation. The purpose of celebrating Women’s Day is to remove the woman from the shackles of the evil and give her an opportunity to develop and refine her so that she can not only empower herself but also contribute a lot in building a better society.  In India also, the International Women’s Day is celebrated to honor and honor the achievements of women.In Indian culture, women have been given the position of mother.’

The pages of history are filled with the praise of women.

Building a better society where women are respected
Building a better society where women are respected

The pages of history are filled with the praise of women.They have been worshiped through mantras. A strong proof to consider their power as paramount is to mention the names of their wives before the names of the best deities like Lakshmi-Narayan, Gauri-Shankar, Sita-Ram, Radhe-Shyam. Not only this, in the context of husband and wife also, wife has been told to keep the ardangini adjective of husband in view of this reality. Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I would also like to throw light on the reality of women’s strength. There is no doubt that there are two distinct creations of female and male creators and complement each other. In the absence of one, you cannot even imagine the other. But despite many similarities, the fields of male and female strengths and activism are different in many respects. In Indian society, where men are considered to be the epitome of masculinity, labor, hardness, barbarity and impatience, the same woman is said to be the epitome of sacrifice, kindness, compassion, affection and patience. The great litterateur Munshi Premchand ji has also said in his famous novel Godan that “If a woman gets the qualities of a man, then he becomes a Mahatma, but a woman gets the qualities of a man.” Jayashankar Prasad has written in his Kamayani, reflecting the acceptance of women in reality. Woman, you are only faith, trust in the silver floor.  Piyush source shed, in the beautiful plane of life.
We Indian women carry out countless relationships due to this special feature.  A woman who starts life as a daughter is someone’s sister, someone’s wife, and someone’s mother.

History is a witness that Indian women also put themselves at stake to make the man reach the highest peak of prestige and achievement.This utterance, aimed at this innovative personality and gratitude of women, has been established as a common truth that a woman has a hand in the success of every man.In Indian culture, women have been revered as mothers.She is worshiped as a goddess.In ancient Indian society, the religious ritual performed by a man in the absence of a wife was considered completely incomplete. This is the reason that the word wife for wife became popular. At that time, the woman had the freedom to choose education, choose her life partner.She was considered to be the Lakshmi of the house and was respected with almost every vision. He also presented himself with the honor given to him by the time he presented his female ability. Kaikeyi who became the husband’s charioteer in the battlefield, Gandhari who blindfolded the blind husband for life, Sita who volunteered to do forest work with her husband, or the protagonist of the protagonist Gargi / Maitreyi etc. Are notable.Such sublime concept towards women found in ancient Indian culture is probably nowhere to be seen.But in the Indian environment, respect for women should not remain the same.  With the passage of time, the devotion of the full amount of respect to the woman began to devolve,  By the time medieval came, the devaluation of the honor of the mother power started. All the freedom the woman received was taken away.In the midst of the political and social anomalies of this period, the woman became a jatim.  Following the tradition of fishery justice, the victorious kings forced the loser kings to hand over their daughters along with other bhets, not only to loot the wealth of Hindu families, but also to kidnap daughters.  As a result, in order to protect daughter-in-laws, purdah, child marriage, sati, female slaughter, widow persecution, etc. were then born by the evil practices.

The situation became even more frightening due to the invasion of foreigners.Developing an indulgent mindset like polygamy and mismatched marriage destroyed female honor.  Some philosopher’s ideology is also involved in bringing a feeling of insecurity in the mind of women.John Stewart Mill, Plato and Marx, etc. tried to keep women at par with men, but some philosophers such as Aristotle, Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche, etc., had deep doubts about the intellectual and logical abilities of women.  Dekarte has said openly that the reasoning ability of a woman is weaker and weaker than men.  Knowing the woman who was an ardhangini in ancient times, these philosophers unknowingly divided them into two parts.These philosophers argued for the protection of men even by protecting women as sensitive.They put seeds of insecurity in the mind of the woman for her survival.  After this, many feminist ideologies were born to counteract the denial of her fundamental rights.  In which liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, anarchic feminism, social feminism etc. are notable.The views of these feminist thinkers also had an impact on our Indian society.  In the beginning of the modern period, the importance of women’s awareness was realized for the independence of the country and for this, efforts were made to free the woman from various inconsistencies.  In this, due to special marriage and dissolution law passed in 1955, Hindu Succession Act passed in 1956, Inter-caste Marriage Act passed in 1959, Dowry Prohibition Act passed in 1961, there were absolutely consistent and pleasant results in the upliftment of women.  Most of the feminism movements from 1970 to 1980 were made to expel women from the shackles of subjugation.

There is no doubt that the Indian woman has met the criteria of the women who were given the opportunity to get the support of women power for the freedom struggle. But see the irony today, after independence, the woman who was freed from all the shackles of subjugation, has been considered as a commodity of consumption and standing in the market today. Even after economic and technological changes, women are not taking the name of stopping violence. Domestic violence, acid attack, honor killing (death for honor), kidnapping, and harassment by husband etc. have become common for women in society.If we talk about Indian society then it is a male dominated society.There is dominance of men everywhere.  In our society, by giving women a second position, she is told that her job is only to have children and to take care of her home, but women have been challenging this male-dominated belief from the beginning. Talking about archaic examples, male women like Gargi, Appala and Maitrei were men in debate, Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi in modern times gave rise to the British in the battlefield, Mahadevi Verma and Subhadra Kumari Chauhan created the first female IPS officer. With Kiran Vedi safely discharging the rigorous administrative responsibilities, Mother Teresa embraces orphans and imagines Vala and Sunita Williams presented an innovative introduction to women’s power by touching the sky’s heights.

The woman from whom all her freedom was taken away in the medieval period has emerged as the biggest challenge for the unitary empire of men. Statistics show that women are not advancing in any one area, but in every field.  A few years before today, the games in which the women were prevented from playing as weak, today in those games Mary Kom (Mary Kom) brought laurels to the country by waving the glory of success.  Women like Geeta Phogat, PV Sindhu, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Sakshi Malik etc. have a proud identity in the sports world, while Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, etc., won the beauty contest and made India proud on the international stage.  If we call the present time as the centenary of women, then it will not be wrong. Today’s Indian woman is constantly advancing in every field.  But still the Indian woman will take some time to regain her lost self-esteem, but the possibilities are clear. Today Indian women are employed in many fields for their purposes, which include education, culture, art, wealth, talent, corporate, media etc. Now it is proving its dominance in all these areas.  The modern woman is getting out of the clutches of the evil people and becoming the creator of her own destiny and the creator has also given her the dignified responsibility of becoming an emperor. Today, on International Women’s Day, I will call upon the Indian mother power to recognize our strength and organize us to work for the honor of Mother India and take a pledge that all of us will work to raise India’s honor globally. Indian women will cooperate with him in every way, directly and indirectly.


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