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Calcutta) After the poor performance of the TMC, Mamata, looking for ‘betrayers in the party.’

(Calcutta) After the poor performance of the TMC, Mamata, looking for 'betrayers in the party.'

After getting more votes in BJP’s 129 assembly constituencies in West Bengal, now the Chief Minister of the state and Trinamool Congress leader Mamta Banerjee has started looking for traitors inside her party. According to TMC sources, the saffron party is losing only 4 thousand votes in the other 60 seats of the state, which is a matter of more concern for Mamta. Apart from this, at least 192 such assembly constituencies have been identified which are ‘troubled zones’, which are located in the north and west of the state.
Mamta has asked her senior leaders to identify the leaders at the block level, who have helped the BJP from the CPM and in some cases TMC to transfer votes to the BJP. TMC’s internal survey has revealed that TMC did not get ‘poor people’s vote’ in Jangalmahal and North Bengal. Tribal areas are more in this area
A senior TMC leader, on condition of anonymity, said that the party has been able to maintain its support base in the urban and semi-urban areas. He said that we did not get the votes of about 70 lakh government employees and their family, because the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission have not been implemented in the state. Mamta Banerjee has said that she will now focus more on the party and will go to every district and make an official meeting.
Another senior leader of the TMC involved in the review meeting said that development work is not appearing in election results. All our voters have suddenly become patriots. We have seen that there are many such blocks, where the leaders are very corrupt. They collect money with the local MLAs in the name of the party. This leads people away from us. All these leaders will be identified, and strict action will be taken against them. He claimed that the CPM’s decision to shift the vote from the CPM is ‘over-simplification’ of our poor performance.
The TMC leader said there were many other factors which played an important role. Analyze the Legislative Map on where we lose. You will find that this necklace has been designed and not done automatically. This is because a traitor has joined the BJP. He knows whom to contact and how to transfer votes. He also said that CPM voters do not want to play a vital role in the Mamta Banerjee Center.
(Calcutta) After the poor performance of the TMC, Mamata, looking for 'betrayers in the party.'

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