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Corporation of Regal Talkies (Indore)

– Holkar Naresh gave land to Thakuria family for Regal Talkies in 1930 and in 1934 Regal Talkies were duly launched ::

– Earlier in 1917, open air talkies were established in Nandalpura area of ​​Indore.

Now the Municipal Corporation is considering a plan to build a metro station, western management center or commercial complex here.

– Anand Purohit

Indore Holkar Maharaj was very fond of watching films and used to watch movies whenever he went to London. It was he who gave land to the Thakuria family for Regal Talkies in the year 1930 and a short interval of four years i.e. the Regal Talkies were duly started in 1934. The Maharaja himself used to come to watch movies on the Regal Talkies, including the family, due to the fame of the Regal Talkies, this intersection became known as the Regal Square.

Now this famous Regal Talkies located in the central area of ​​the city were taken over by the Indore Municipal Corporation team today. The corporation team reached the spot in the morning to carry out this work. Talkies were put on the board of corporation ownership by this team.

The application for management of talkies on 23947 square feet of Regal Talkies was rejected by the High Court yesterday. This application was rejected by a bench of Justice Virender Singh. Senior advocate AK Sethi, Rishi Tiwari etc. argued on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. The said application was filed in the first appeal under consideration in the High Court of Talkies Management since 2012.


Earlier in the day, the SDM court gave a ruling in favor of the Municipal Corporation and ordered to take possession in 48 hours. Following this order, the talkies management had taken a hearing for the first appeal hearing under consideration since 2012, in which this application was made. After the application was rejected, the road to land acquisition by the Municipal Corporation has become easier. As a result, Engineer Manish Pandey reached the talkies with his team in charge of the lease branch of the municipal corporation this morning. After that Additional Commissioner Devendra Singh, Deputy Commissioner Mahendra Singh Chauhan and other officials came on the spot. Action was taken by these officers to take possession of the talkies. First, the corporation removed the boards of the film in the talkies premises, after which the corporation put a banner of its ownership on the talkies.

It is noteworthy that this land was given for recreation center in 1930 during Holkar rule, after which Regal Talkies was ready in 1934. Earlier, in 2008, the corporation canceled the lease of the talkies and took possession of it. In the year 2017, the corporation had acquired some land for talkies for road widening and got a new boundary wall built. The value of the land which has been taken over by the corporation is being said to be more than 300 crores rupees by today’s value. This land will now be used by the corporation in the interest of the city.

The Municipal Corporation is planning to build a metro station, waste management center or commercial complex here.

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