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Cows are forced to roam the streets in the air, people are victims

Cows are forced to roam the streets in the air, people are victims of accidents

As soon as the command of the state came into the hands of Yogi Adityanath, he operated the schemes in the interest of the farmers. Subsequently, plans were made for the vagabond bovine roaming the streets. Instructions were given to open temporary cowsheds in each village of each district of the state. The purpose of opening these cowsheds was that those who are wandering on the road and fields are on holiday. They should be captured and kept in it, so that no accident happens due to these animals and cow is also not hurt. The holiday cows cannot destroy farmers’ crops. Following the direction of the government, the work of constructing temporary cowshed in each Gram Panchayat was started by the district administration. According to the district administration, so far temporary cowshed have been built in the district. Worst of all, the condition of the city is still quite bad. Go to any area of ​​the city, and the holiday cows will be found wandering there. Despite continuous instructions from the administration, work is being done in the manner desired by the municipal administration.

The holiday cows cannot destroy farmers’ crops. 

Cows are forced to roam the streets in the air, people are victims of accidents
Cows are forced to roam the streets in the air, people are victims of accidents

There is a gathering of destitute animals on different routes in the district. Often these animals fight with each other and collide with vehicles and pedestrians and injure them. On the highway, speeding vehicles are also becoming victims of accidents many times in order to save these animals. At the same time, a year ago in the colony located in SumraJhal of town Jawwa, the cowshed has been constructed for showing only, the village head has kept a lock. Due to which the cow dynasty wanders on the road, who will be responsible for the road accidents and deaths of the cow. District administration or institutions making hollow claims?

All efforts made by the Municipal Corporation and Municipalities to catch stray animals are failing in view of the present situation. On the main routes, dozens of herds of destitute animals continue to forage in different parts. In such a situation, the government’s claims of saving the cow dynasty are hollow. No cowshed and no social organization is coming forward to take care of the cow dynasty.

Dozens of holiday animals start sighting on the road at dusk on the Sumera Jhal Sikanderpur colony of Jwanwa, 20 km from the district.

Siddhapeeth Shanidev Temple Anupshahar Road Mahant of Sumera Jhal and member of Chambal Valley VinovaBhave Mission Naga Baba Premagiri and Mahendra Giri say that.

That almost every day, in the evening, the holiday animals stand in the middle of the road in dozens of herds. Which can be example of big accident. Many passers-by have also killed holiday animals. And many people have been injured by falling. It goes on to say that on the evening of the SumeraJhal, it seems like a holiday animal. Dozens of holiday animals gather on both sides of the road. Due to the killing of holiday animals, many times people have fallen and injured. Still no one is paying attention to this. The state government had issued the decree to keep the animals in the cowshed to the top officials of the district. Perhaps that decree does not apply in Aligarh district or the responsible officers of the district are ignoring the orders of the head of the state. The state government built cowshed in the district but forgot to keep animals in those cowshed. Cowshed was constructed in the development block to keep the holiday animals in the cowshed at SumeraJhal colony but till now the holiday animals have not been kept in the cowshed. Due to which the passersby are getting hurt. And at the same time farmers’ crops are also being damaged. Not only this, within a week, two people have died in a road accident due to collision with the wandering cows, and two cows and two bulls have also died, but in spite of complaining, the village head Ramfool and The BDO, Secretary and other officials have been complained to keep the cow dynasty roaming on the road in the cowshed, but till date no one has lice on them.

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