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(Dehradun) Meditation in Kedarnath’s Modi cave in a very modern lifestyle.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done meditation in the cave in Kedarnath. Any person can go and study meditation in that cave. Prime Minister Modi was meditating in the cave. His one-day rent has been kept at Rs 990. In this cave, the well-being of the person taking meditation is also taken care of.
Inside a cave, a bed, toilet, 24-hour power and telephone facilities were provided. So that the person taking meditation gets the latest facilities, he could do meditation carefully. There will be no interruption in it.
Food drinking facilities
For the devotees who meditate in the cave, morning tea breaks, lunch, evening tea and dinner will also be provided. Electricity, water and telephone facilities will also be available continuously.
The speciality of the cave, this cave is 5 meters long and 3 meters wide. This cave is located at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level.
In this cave, the expenditure of 80 lakhs has been spent. Like this cave, five other caves have to be built in Kedarnath. Now a cave has been made as a trial. The cave will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 days. Staff will also be available to serve here.

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