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(Dewas) Narmada’s umbilicus began to appear in Nemavar

The water level of Narmada, the lifetime mother of Madhya Pradesh, is continuously decreasing. It can be estimated from the fact that Nabha Kund is not only seen in Nemavar of Narmada but also to reach any devotee. There is no problem.
It is notable that after leaving Amarkantak, the river Narmada falls into the creek of the river Khambhat. The Narmada is the middle of this long journey of 1300 km of Narmada river. There is always water filled in the umbilicus. But due to falling water level for the past 2 years, it can be easily reached in the days of summer, according to the older adults living near Nemawar, they have never seen Narmada Ji in this condition as in the last two years. Looking at the river Narmada, now only four rocks are rocky. Narmada water is worth awaited somewhere

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