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Digitalizing Art & Culture!

Digitalizing Art & Culture!- Newz of day

Till date we were accustomed to hear or learn about our history, culture, different civilizations, their lifestyles, wearables, artifacts etc. with our text books, peer groups or socializers. The historical and different cultural artifacts are safely kept at museums. But how interesting it is to virtually customize and use it ourselves with our latest technologies. It is the age of digitalization after all. So here is the new “Art Filter” in the Google Arts & Culture app to become an artwork or try on iconic artifacts otherwise stored in museums. Thanks to the creative brains who make such amazing collections available online, we were able to create five educational and fun 3D-modelled augmented reality filters based on iconic paintings, objects and accessories from all over the world.

Snap a video or image of yourself to become any historical figure you wish. This can be portrayed as digitalization of culture and history.

Through this creative application, each filter has been crafted carefully so that you can explore the artifacts in high-quality detail from every angle. Before you try on the filter, you’ll find the information about its history and context. Art Filter applies machine learning based image processing because making this kind of AR feature to work needs a sophisticated anchoring of the virtual content to the real world. Through this tactic, the artifacts are able to position themselves organically and smoothly on your head and can react to your facial expressions. Art Filter, similar to ‘Art Selfie’ feature runs completely on your device and your videos and photos will not be saved unless you choose to save them or share them with anyone. With Art Filter, you are not just limited to using face filters either, there are even options to try on historically accurate attire. For instance, you can step deep into history with a traditional Samurai helmet or a remarkable Ancient Egyptian or a Faience collar necklace; a favorite of Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt. Holding the shutter button will even record a short video if you want to share with apps like Snapchat or anywhere else for that matter. To get started with this amazing app, you simply have to open the free Google Arts & Culture app for Android or iOS and tap the rainbow camera icon at the bottom of the homepage.

Google Art Filter is a part of Google Art and Culture application that has presently become widely popular.

With this application people can do a variety of things digitally dealing history, art and artifacts starting from virtual visits and tours to museums to archeological researches and what not. The application comes with digital meuseums with detailed information about art and artifacts, it has experimental games to know more about our art and culture like voice experiments, AR and AI experiments, Android and Chrome experiments etc. it also has interactive experiences. In the Google Arts & Culture app you can Click “Visit” on a museum’s page to get opening times, find out what’s on that day and navigate there in one click. They also have been experimenting with a new feature. The Art Recognizer is now available in London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery, Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Just pull up the app, point your phone’s camera to a painting on display and find all the information you want to know about the artwork. It is soon going to have to roll this out to every museum around the world.

Now let’s find out what are a few user reviews of this exciting new google creativity.

Following are a few suggestions from users such as the quality and diversity of materials in it is exceptional and rich.  Examples are world-wide and world-class. There are 3-D elements available in Open Heritage. Also, the site has a wealth of material in arts, science, history, world heritage and more. It is very useful in teaching and information in education. The use of current technologies in presenting this information makes the site very engaging for learners be it children or adults. The shortcomings are first the users should be able to preview what they intend to share for age appropriateness and school requirements in educational purposes, the application is too vast to explore and difficult to use and understand. As with most internet collections, there are some broken links to outside resources.  Organizations change their link information periodically and any teacher using the material should check the links before using the materials.

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