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(Electoral lead centre) tomorrow election results increased beats of leaders 21 opposition parties meeting

Shah made dinner with NDA leaders
The counting of votes for the elections for 17th Lok Sabha will be held on Thursday. Earlier, the beats of the leaders of all the parties have increased. Earlier on Tuesday, the NDA, UPA and other parties, including BJP, Congress, held meetings. Opposition leaders of 21 parties made a meeting and strategies to form a government on possible outcomes. At the same time, BJP President Amit Shah invited the leaders of NDA allies to dinner and discussed the formation of the government.

Do not give up the courage: Priyanka
Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called upon the workers to pay attention to the NDA’s expectations of getting a majority in the exit polls broadcast by news channels. Stay in the staff big room and counting centres. In an audio message released to the activists, Priyanka said, you do not lose courage with the people, rumours and exit polls. These rumours are being spread to tarnish your fondness. In the meantime, your carefulness becomes even more critical. Stay Strong and Strong at Strong Rooms, and Counting Centers Priyanka said, we have the full hope that we and our hard work will get the result.

Opposition: Mamata
The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee also joined the voice of Chandrababu Naidu. They have rejected the exit poll by tweeting. Mamta Banerjee said, “I do not believe in the exit polls. This nonsense is being planned to tamper with thousands of EVMs or replace them. I appeal that all opposition parties should be united. We will fight together.

Preparing for the party at the BJP headquarters
Following the estimates of NDA’s return to exit polls, the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress workers are getting different views. While preparations are going on at the BJP headquarters on May 23, at the Congress headquarters, even though there is no noise, as usual, the workers are expecting better performance. Given the exit polls estimates, the BJP has started preparations to celebrate the results of the Lok Sabha elections on a large scale in its headquarters.

Senate in Congress headquarters
Peace was visible at Congress headquarters, and some activists rejected the possibility of PM Narendra Modi returning to power. The noisy villagers were missing from the party headquarters on Monday, and the party workers said that the reason behind this is the false ambiguity created by exit polls.

Sangh too active, a brother from Gadkari
Union Minister Bhaiyaji Joshi met Union Minister Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur. Meanwhile, BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya was also there. It is reported that Prime Minister Modi can also reach the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.
Election Commission has a waist
Stop the use of Wi-Fi on the Internet at the counting site
The Election Commission on Tuesday asked Chief Electoral Officers of all the states and Union Territories to compute the postal ballot and EVM votes simultaneously. VVPAT slip count will start only after the EVM count is completed. This time the Election Commission is taking appropriate action in regards to counting. To prevent any disturbance, EVM votes and VVPAT Verification Paper Audit Trail will have different teams for the counting of papers. Officers will also be barred from using WiFi on the Internet at the place of counting. As previously stated, the results may be delayed by 8 to 12 hours. Because the postal ballot was first counted because this number of postal votes has increased significantly. And there are two steps to investigating it. Therefore, considering the possibility of taking a long time, EVMs have been examined for ballotting and for calculating the postal ballot.

EVMs in a safe room, 100 percent will not match
The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition seeking 100 percent EVM-VVPAT Milan. An NGO had demanded this. The Supreme Court termed the request as nonsense and said that the same demand could not be repeated and people choose their government. The Supreme Court will not be hampered by it. Earlier, 21 opposition parties demanded 50 percent matching. 21 panches, including Congress, did not get relief from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rejected the repetition of 21 petitions.

Question marks on the fourth day on counting?
After questioning the impartiality of the Election Commission of Rahul Gandhi, Chandrababu Naidu, the commission is now facing new allegations. The questions arise that the Election Commission voted in 7 phases. The last stage of voting was completed on May 19. Even after this, why did the Election Commission decide to vote after 4 days? In the political circles, elections are being held in the Lok Sabha constituencies of Madhya Pradesh, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Chandigarh, West Bengal and Bihar in the final phase. The voting party had returned here late last night. By the morning of 20, all EVM machines had been stored in the Strong Room.
The Election Commission could have counted on May 21. But why did he choose the day of May 23? There is now a question mark on the Election Commission regarding this. Several cases of hidden movement of EVM machines in Uttar Pradesh and other states, after being exposed, the opposition parties have questioned the role of the Election Commission. It is also being said that, deliberately for 2 days.
Why was the spare time kept?
Market enthusiasm in Modi’s welcome
Up 200 points to level at 39,550
The Indian stock market is increasingly anticipating the re-emergence of the Modi government. On the second trading day of the week, the Sensex has gained 200 points in the opening minutes at 39,550 level. This is the first time in the stock market history when the Sensex has recorded such a significant margin. Earlier, the Sensex remained below 39,500. If you talk about the Nifty, then 52 points have come up to 11,880 level. This is the highest level of Nifty so far. On Tuesday, the rupee opened at Rs 69.74 per dollar in initial trade. In the last session, the rupee was closed at a level of 69.74 per dollar. Let us know that the exit of the NDA government in the exit poll has seen a massive increase of rupee 49 paise on Monday. This is the most si

nificant fast of two months.

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