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Establishing new Values with Modern Day Emojis

Establishing new Values with Modern Day Emojis - Newz of day

Awareness could be made possible with mundane things of daily lives. The iOS 14.2 is an example of the above as it comes with over 100 new emoji, including gender-inclusive symbols. In the new age with abundant use of technology, what else could serve as a better way than spreading equality with the usage of ultra-modern, all-inclusive emojis? In contemporary time, emojis are the way we communicate with each other in our daily lives. They are the medium of our conversation.

Emojis help make a conversation more practical by using forms of emotions through varied symbols.

These new added emojis include gender altered pictures, for example, a male emoji holding babies, the transgender flag, and also genderfluid wedding emojis. The bride and groom emoji, traditionally represented by a woman in a veil and a man in a suit, now coming in the opposite genders as well for instance a female-presenting emoji wearing a tux and a male-presenting emoji wearing a veil and white dress, titled “Person with Veil” and “Person with Tuxedo.” The new inclusive emojis intend to help people with gender fluid orientations and restrict strict adherence to the limited and conventional interpretation of femininity and masculinity. Even the Santa Claus this time will be available as both Mr. and Mrs. Santa. Additionally, on Apple new emojis like pinched fingers, people (gender neutral) hugging, faces with masks on, with varied skin tones and expressions have been made accessible. Also, feather, potted plant, rock, wood, hut, pickup truck, roller skate, magic wand, piñata, nesting dolls, sewing needle, knot, flip flop, military helmet, accordion, long drum, coin, boomerang, carpentry saw, screwdriver, hook, ladder, elevator, mirror, window, plunger, mousetrap, bucket, toothbrush, headstone, placard, transgender symbol, , anatomical heart and lungs havet been added.

The iOS 14.2 is available now as a free software update for the devices of iPhone12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max, iPhone11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone X/XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPod touch (7th generation). Also, in iPad OS 14.2, watch OS 7.2, tv OS 14.2 and the forthcoming macOS11 Big Sur.

However, the new trending emojis have also raised some complication.

The use of multiple devices with varied emojis are confusing people as they behave differently in different devices. What happens is, one emoji is showing something in a device portrays differently in another device when two people are conversing with symbols. To state an instance, “A woman facepalming” emoji (??‍♀️) sent from Android devices was showing up as a man on Apple devices. This sort of miscommunication happens when two tech vendors interpret the same emoji differently. For instance, when Apple changed its pistol emoji to a water gun in 2016, other vendors soon followed suit, presumably to avoid a scenario where one friend texts “excited for the beach [water gun emoji ? ]” and the other receives the much darker “excited for the beach [pistol emoji]”(Telushkin,2020). The problem however is much bigger than this and it is found out after a detailed scan of all emojis with gender signifier that the stereotype is indeed intact. All the emojis of Policemen, Doctors, Climbers are of men and but all the sassy images are of women. After this issue is disclosed all the big platforms like Google, Apple, Facebook are making sure to have every symbol represented in both the genders. Attempts are still being made to go beyond the binaries of gender and produce more gender neutral and all-inclusive designs to have easy and impartial tech-communication in future.

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