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Famine of facilities in agricultural market no water in the crates

Famine of facilities in agricultural market

Farmers coming to sell grain these days in the agricultural produce market complex are facing problems. The problem is that the farmers who brought their produce do not have adequate drinking water. Due to non-availability of necessary facilities in the market, farmers are seen getting disturbed in the market premises.

The situation is that farmers have to protect their produce themselves. Essential facilities like drinking water are not available here. Because of which the concern of farmers who bring their produce is increasing. Water tots were placed around the park located in Mandi complex. But at present, one to two tots of these pieces are in working condition. The water tanks in the Mandi complex have not been cleaned for the past several months. Due to which their condition has also worsened. Alam is that shrubs and small plants have grown on the water tank. Due to this the tanks have also been damaged in many places. Some of the tanks are completely torn and the tontia in them is also missing. These tanks are closed due to not being usable. Due to which the farmers have to wander around. Due to lack of proper water supply inside the market, farmers coming here have to go to the shops outside the market to drink water. But the responsible officials and the mandi administration are not even aware of this. It is noteworthy that all the crops that are bought and sold in the area of ​​the agricultural produce market, go to the Mandi Board as commission so that this amount can be used for the basic needs of the mandi area and for the convenience of the farmers. Happens, but there is no facility for drinking water in agricultural produce market.

Farmers coming to sell grain these days in the agricultural produce market complex are facing problems.

Famine of facilities in agricultural market
Famine of facilities in agricultural market

-Hand Pump Too Bad:

The Mandi administration has not made proper arrangements for drinking water for farmers and hundreds of traders. Years ago, hand pumps and water taps were installed in the Mandi courtyard, but that too has become disastrous due to lack of care. The hand pump has been in bad shape for a long time, but no care is being taken to repair it. In order to provide drinking water to the farmers, some of the tots which were installed around the park in Mandi have been broken and the remaining ones have been closed for the whole year. The water tank located near the mandi office has not been cleaned for a long time. Due to which the farmers will have to face the problem of water in the coming time.

Not visible guard:

Security is also being overlooked in Mandi. Guards are stationed in Krishi Mandi. But the duties of these guards are imposed here and there. While these guards are deployed to protect the mandi. But guards do not appear in the agricultural market. The problems of farmers increase further at the time of vampire arrival. As soon as the arrivals increase, there is frequent jam in the market. At the same time, no one comes to open the jam due to lack of guard. Due to which, the farmer continues to bother for hours.

Encroachment also increases discomfort:

Due to encroachment outside the shops by the traders, farmers also have to face problems. The traders have encircled the place beyond the limits of their flats. Teen sheds and walls have been raised in front of the pranks. Due to which farmers are not able to find a place to erect tractor-trolley. Trouble increases even more during vampire arrival. There is trouble in movement.

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