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Due to the increased cockroach milk crystals in the world for health

Due to the increased cockroach milk crystals in the world for health

If the matter is health, people are ready to face any situation. For the health in the world, the world is getting addicted to cockroach milk this time. For human beetle cocktail milk can be a good source of protein supplements. While other cockroaches give eggs, the Pacific Beetty Cockroaches directly give birth to babies. This species of cockroach uses protein crystals in the form of food for infants.

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New research shows that these crystals can also be beneficial for humans as it is the most nutritious and highly caloric substance. It is said that there is four times more protein than cow’s milk. Along with that, there are also essential amino acids, which increase the cell growth.

These keep our body healthy and the sugar present in it gives the body fuel. However, the level of growth hormone in this particular fluid is unknown. There are evidence that some people may have acne problems due to the growth hormone.

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At the same time, high levels of sugar can also make it a bad choice in terms of skin health and beauty, because more sugar actually increases the aging of the skin. However, proteins and fats present in the crystal can prove to be an important component in enhancing good hair and nails. Scientists were surprised when they discovered protein crystals inside the embryo of cockroaches. The team of scientists from India, China, France, Japan, Canada and National Institute of Health in America found that the concentrated material found in cockroach’s milk crystals had as much energy as it is in cow’s milk.-sources-ems

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