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Found Vikram Lander, trying to establish communication

isro chairman k sivan

The exact location of the lander Vikram on the lunar surface has been detected. The orbiter has also clicked a thermal image of Vikram Lander. This information has been given by ISRO chairman K Sivan himself. The ISRO chief said that the lander Vikram has not been contacted yet. He said, the team is constantly trying to establish communication with Lander Vikram. The ISRO chief also said that it has not been clear from the image how Vikram is on the moon’s surface. ISRO’s FAC team is trying to find out why the lander had lost contact with ISRO command.

Please tell that ISRO scientists had earlier said that where and how Vikram can be found in the next 3 days. The senior scientist had said, Lander Vikram is expected to meet in 3 days. The reason for this is that it takes 3 days for the orbiter to reach the place where the contact with the lander was broken. We know the landing site. At the last moment Vikram had lost his way, so we would have to cover the area of ​​10 x 10 km with the help of 3 instruments of the orbiter SAR (synthetic aperture radar), IR spectrometer and camera. To find Vikram, we have to take high resolution pictures of that area.

The senior scientist had said, Lander Vikram is expected to meet in 3 days.

isro chairman k sivan

Orbit will work for 7 and a half years

Apart from this, ISRO Chief K.K. Sivan said that there is still a possibility of Lander Vikram meeting. He said, ‘The age of the orbiter is more than 7 and a half years, not 1 year, as stated earlier. This is because he has too much fuel left. Lander Vikram is likely to be found through instruments mounted on the orbiter

It was a shock on Saturday

Significantly, India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission suffered a setback in the early hours of Saturday when ISRO lost its contact with the lander Vikram just 2 km before the lunar surface. ISRO said in an official statement that the Vikram lander was landing and its work was normal till 2.1 km before the target. The lander then lost contact with the center on the ground.

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