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Fourth Water Festival inaugurated in Hanuwantia : Kamal Nath

Economic activities like tourism will improve the standard of living by increasing the income of the citizens - Chief Minister Kamal Nath

In Hanuwantiya, on Friday, the fourth water festival was launched by flagging off the motorboat and cruise. On this occasion, he paid Rs 72 crore. Launched 35 works of cost. He said in his address that tourism is important from the point of view of entertainment as well as tourism is an important economic activity. Citizens get large number of employment opportunities through economic activities like tourism, which increases their income and improves the standard of living of the citizens. Therefore, economic activities will be expanded in the state. On this occasion, Minister of Tourism and Narmada Valley Development Department Mr. Surendra Singh Baghel, State Health Minister and Minister in-charge of Khandwa District Mr. Tulsiram Silavat, former MP Mr. Arun Yadav, Managing Director of Tourism Development Corporation Mr. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, Divisional Commissioner Indore division Mr. Akash Tripathi, MLA Mandhata Mr. Narayan Patel, MLA Mr. Surendra Singh, MLA Mr. Sach Nine Birla, MLA Mr. Ravi Joshi, MLA Mrs. Sumitra Kasdekar, District Congress President Mr. Omkar Patel and Mr. Indal Singh Panwar, Collector Mrs. Tanvi Sundriyal, along with various officials and public representatives were present. Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that our Madhya Pradesh is full of diversities, there is immense potential of tourism here. Other tourist places like Hanuwantiya will be further developed in the state, which will provide employment to a large number of regional citizens.

In Hanuwantiya, on Friday, the fourth water festival was launched by flagging off the motorboat and cruise.

Economic activities like tourism will improve the standard of living by increasing the income of the citizens - Chief Minister Kamal Nath
Economic activities like tourism will improve the standard of living by increasing the income of the citizens – Chief Minister Kamal Nath

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that to improve the economic condition of farmers, it is necessary that their purchasing power is increased, for this the debt of farmers has been waived. In the first phase, debt of 21 lakh farmers has been waived. In the second phase, loans to farmers with current account are being waived. He said that the State Government is committed to improve the economic condition of farmers. You can develop the country by revolutionizing agriculture. In order to improve the economic condition of farmers, along with increasing agricultural production, farmers will also be ensured to get a good price for their crops. Tourism Minister Mr. Baghel said on the occasion that a tourist circuit will be developed by combining Mahakaleshwar Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Mandu, Mohankheda and Singaji. In Mandu, the facility to stop tourists staying at the houses of tribals has been started recently, so that tourists can learn about tribal culture and traditions of tribals and their cuisine. He said that religious tourism and tribal tourism will be encouraged in the state. Tourism Minister Mr. Baghel said that thousands of people of this region have got direct and indirect employment due to the development of tourist destination in Hanuwantia. Jal Mahotsav will be organized for the next one month. He said that the Narmada Valley Development Department will also make arrangements to provide water for irrigation to farmers’ fields. He said that the Chief Minister has done a historic work of sanctioning Rs 300 crore on Mahakaleshwar Vikas Yojana and Rs 156 crore for Omkareshwar Development Scheme in Ujjain recently.

In-charge Minister Silavat thanked the Chief Minister for sanctioning Rs 156 crore for the Omkareshwar Vikas Yojana. He said that the government has waived a loan of Rs 128 crore to 46 thousand farmers of Khandwa district. In the second phase, loans worth Rs 66 crore are being waived by 9278 farmers of the district. On the occasion, former MP Shri Arun Yadav said that there is immense potential to develop other tourist places like Hanuwantiya in Indira Sagar’s backwater. He requested the Chief Minister Mr. Kamal Nath that an action plan should be chalked out to develop more tourist spots in the region. Regional MLA Shri Narayan Patel requested Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath on the occasion that more development works should be sanctioned in Mandhata area. He also requested to give the status of tourist destination to the Samadhi of Sant Singaji. Children will be educated through tablets under the “Pratham Kadam” program Chief Minister Mr. Kamal Nath distributed the tablets under the program, the first step in the program. Talking about this program, Collector Smt. Tanvi Sundriyal said that under the “First Step” program, children will be prepared for digital learning through tablets in 319 Anganwadi centers of Punasa and Killaud development blocks of the district.

For this, NHDC Through District Administration Khandwa received its CSR An amount has been provided from the item. This new facility will benefit a total of 11803 children registered in Anganwadi centers of both development blocks. This innovation will allow children to understand letters, shapes through entertainment. At the same time, his scientific outlook, skill development, emotional social development will also be possible. Children will be given pre-primary nursery education in Anganwadi centers through tablets. These events will take place during Jal Mahotsav It is noteworthy that the fourth edition of Jal Mahotsav, which will continue for the next one month, is being organized in a more comprehensive format than before. The temporary luxury city of 104 luxury tents has been constructed for this month-long event. During this, adventure and thrilling activities will be organized in Hanuwantia. These thrilling games will take place in water, land and sky. Cultural evening, island trekking and trekking will be the center of special attraction during the Jal Mahotsav. In Hanuwantia, unleashed air and waves of Athajal Rashi inspire everyone towards adventure sports.

Water based activities to be held in Hanuwantia include parasailing, water skiing, jade skiing, banana boat rides, water jarbing. Air based activities include hot air ballooning, para motoring, para sailing, kite flying in ground movements, volleyball, tug of war, bicycle tour, Includes activities like bullock cart races. Similarly, the island’s activities include bird watching, trekking, treasure hunt, camping, campfire, Burma Bridge in adventure sports, artificial climbing wall, tire swing, net walk and rope drill. Cultural programs will also be held during the launch day and every weekend. Craft market and food zone were also established during the water festival in Hanuwantia. It is noteworthy that Indira Sagar Dam is the second largest man-made reservoir in Asia. At this site, a large number of islands have emerged naturally from the backwaters of the dam on the Narmada River. This series of islands begins with Hanuwantia, located a few kilometers from their entrance Mundi. This entire area is filled with back waters of the Narmada River. The surrounding forest area, the variance and uproar of wildlife and colorful birds further add to the beauty of the place.


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