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Future Coin Found in Mexico Raising Curiosity on the Theories of Multiverse!

Future Coin Found in Mexico Raising Curiosity on the Theories of Multiverse newz of day

When we talk about universe, we assume it as everything there is because of the Big Bang, around 13.8 billion years ago. However, the Big Bang that created our universe may not have been a single time event. Instead, it could have happened again, and over again, and over again, an may be infinite number of times. And just as our Big Bang created our universe, each of those events would have created other universes, a process that would increase its rate numerously in time. With this perspective, there is no reason at all to believe that our universe is the only one. Thus the concept of multiverse is born.

According to mathematical computations the multiverse would contain infinite number of universes.

The concept of multiverse scientifically comes under String theory. According to this theory, we live in a multiverse of nine dimensions, with only three dimensions visible to us. Since we only exist in three dimensions, our universe would look flat like a sheet of paper. The possibility of multiverse also prompts towards many alternative versions of our world that could be almost identical, or totally different. Well, why we discuss the concept of multiverse here is because certain instances that have been taking place in our world in certain point in times make us wonder about it. A recent occurrence like such has happened in Mexico where a so called Nazi coin has been found which shows itself as of the year 2039. A very recent video posted on YouTube (look here ) shows a man who claims to have discovered the coin.

As it seems, the mysterious coin was found by Diego Avilés in a work in Mexico and according to Avilés what caught his attention was when he read the inscriptions and found out the date in the Reichsmark was 2039. Further, it had the symbol of the Nazi Party, the eagle and the swastika, and a few words written in Spanish that said “New Germany.”(Nazi coin of the year 2039). In Mexico there is a state called Nueva Alemania, located in the Municipality of La Concordia (in the State of Chiapas), but it is known that there is no record of the arrival of any Nazi currency. The other side of the coin is the iron cross and the phrase reads “alle in einer nation” which translates as “all in one nation”, a motto that would symbolise a country that has dominated the world.

As the new video has gone viral on the Internet, many conspiracy theories have surfaced claiming the coin to have come from of an “alternative” future where the Nazis could have conquered the world, developed time travel and sent money back to the past where certain currencies ended up in our reality while others argued that it is a new verification of time travel, a test that shows how Germany will be a key country in the imminent Third World War that is unfolding in Syria. They also added that the Nazis living in secret in Antarctica will join the Germans of the Fourth Reich. The discovered coin is now under investigation. Even though there are speculations it could only be understandable if the coin really is from the year 2039 as the inscripted year looks very rough and not very clear to see with plain eyes. Further, it seems quite logical that if it has come from the future it could have been very advanced like being an electronic coin may be and not a typical silver coin.

Well, whatever be the likely result it makes people curious and scientists alarmed about the possibilities of parallel universe, multiverse and the like on which we still are at the verge of exploration.

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