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Getting Back to the Traditional TV watching with ‘Netflix Direct’

Getting Back to the Traditional TV watching with ‘Netflix Direct’ - Newz of day

As we all know, our previous modes of entertainment had to be traditional TV sets with a few linear TV channels that every family watched together. We used to watch what was broadcasting on a single channel at a single point of time. There wasn’t any option to choose what to watch, when to watch, how to watch except to remember the pre-defined time to a particular broadcast. But, with the mushrooming of advanced technologies and internet networking we have invented web platforms that operate in our handsets to entertain us the way we wish, with our choices of channels, series, films or any given content of our choice. Hence, we have a lot of option today, by multiple companies, multiple web platforms, channels and modes to consume video contents. Well, now this advancing has ironically taken a back turn as people eventually do not understand how to choose, what to choose. They simply do not wish to choose as they are confused. There are so many options available today that it is making the viewers jumbled and disinterested to choose.

In order to have a solution to problems like this, only last month, Netflix has announced that they are planning to trial their own linear tv channel. This new feature will let its subscribers watch a version of the service that looks and feels like a traditional linear TV channel.  With having to show case so much of contents including its originals, Netflix has now decided to have its own ‘Netflix Direct’, the linear TV channel. Netflix Direct is aimed to be created for viewers who are confused to choose as to what to watch among such a huge collection of contents and topics.

The Netflix Direct is functioning like a TV channel that is only ever showing one thing at a single time.

It is like the company, choosing for the content that you watch at a time when you are jumbled. The introduction of ‘Direct’ has followed a few other new Netflix updates intended to fix the same problem, like the ‘shuffle’ button. The Shuffle option allows people to start watching a random film or TV show without having to choose any with pre-defined time slots. This initial launch of ‘Direct’ starts in France and gradually moves on to other places for Netflix customers. As Netflix says, France was chosen simply because generally most of French people prefer to watch TV and don’t really spend time in streaming different content as do the other countries. The French do not like to choose something to watch, instead, they favor just turning on the TV and sitting on the couch watching whatever is broadcasting at them.

The function however will only be available on the web, and to Netflix subscribers, who can find it by heading to the site, logging in and clicking the ‘Direct’ button at the top of the page.

It is rolling out to a small number of members already and will be with everyone in France by the beginning of December, Netflix said. France has been chosen as the first country to begin the testing of Netflix Direct. It offers international, French, and U.S. TV shows and movies available in its French library to all the users. The channel initially began on 5th November and it is aiming to expand to more French users soon. However, the primary access to Direct will be limited to web browsers, unlike Netflix’s on-demand catalog, which is available on a plethora of platforms.

Netflix being quite popular in India, could we also expect to see a service like Netflix Direct in India soon? Well, although at present there is no plan as such to release this service in any other country so it’s just available in France, at the moment.

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