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Google & Apple TV to Collaborate to the Benefit of Customers with their Joint Ventures.

Google & Apple TV to Collaborate to the Benefit of Customers with their Joint Ventures.- Newz of day

Since Television is invented, it has been one of the most loved home appliances. Ranging from monochrome (black-and-white) TV, it evolved to colored television and gradually to 3-dimensional (3D) TV, and the technology is still to evolving. And now, gone are the days of traditional TVs with cable and channels. The recent development of advanced TVs makes their customers watch what they want to watch, how and when they want to watch and what content. These fast developments bring heavy competition into the digital market and a lot of high-tech and AI enabled smart machines are gaining popularity and newer devices are getting updated at a speed of rapid fire. In terms of hardware, the size of display panel is getting larger while the weight is getting lighter day by day with the rapid high-tech advancing. TV is getting integrated with software and the internet, with the availability of ‘smart TVs’ in market.


According to the recent report of Google, Apple’s TV app and paid streaming service Apple TV+ will be available on Google’s latest Chromecast device by early 2021.

Although Apple in the past had the access given for only its own ecosystem of hardware devices, but it recently relaxed the stance in a bid to grow its services business with Google. Google too announced in a blog post that Apple TV will be available on more devices powered by Android TV operating systems in coming days. Besides, to Google, Apple Music will be available on Google smart speakers as well like in Google Assistant-enabled devices such as , Nest Hub Max, Nest Audio and Nest Mini are adding support for Apple Music. The services will be available in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US. To avail the service, you can select Apple Music as your default music streaming service and then you can instruct your Google Assistant to play a song or playlist for you and it will be streamed via the service. With this, Apple’s music streaming service joins the likes of Spotify and YouTube Premium.

“This makes the Chromecast with Google TV one of the only streaming devices with all the major video subscriptions,”

as explained by Android and Google Play head of media and entertainment Jonathan Zepp in some blog post. “With Google TV, you’ll be able to see Apple Originals in your personalized recommendations and search results, making it even easier to find your favorite shows and movies. And, you’ll be able to save them to your Watchlist to catch up on later.” Earlier the Apple TV app was available on devices of Amazon Fire TV and Roku. The Fire TV stick customers can install the Apple TV app by visiting the Application section and then looking for the Apple TV App. Further, the get button has to be clicked to install it. It can directly be installed from the Amazon website.

Both Google and Amazon have recently released new set-top devices for Chromecast and Fire TV, respectively, along with newer features for both.

Meanwhile, the American tech giants, are encountering a multiplying set of rivals globally for smart TV dominance. Russian search engine giant Yandex added its Alice voice assistant to its smart TV platform last month, just as Australia’s largest television subscription service, Foxtel, upgraded its smart TV service by adding TiVo’s voice search platform. In Europe, France’s SFR and Vodafone in Spain debuted smart speakers with unique voice assistants that can act independently yet are deeply integrated with their smart TV platforms and bring unique content to people’s homes.

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