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Governments careless about toxic gases during cleaning

Governments careless about toxic gases during cleaning of sewer or large drains

What would be more ironic is that the country is achieving new heights on the one hand, and on the other hand, people are engaged in cleanliness work in very unsafe conditions without safety equipment. In fact, the deaths caused by poisonous gases during the cleaning of sewers or large drains show the mirror to our technological and scientific achievements of how heavy and complex tasks are dealt with by resorting to state-of-the-art technology, but the laborers for this work Even minor safety equipment is not provided. This attitude of the government machinery has been questioned for a long time, but the comments made by the Supreme Court on this issue on Wednesday, not only raise the attitude of the government but also our entire social biasic.

It is an embarrassing situation in itself that people find it difficult to get out of the way the dirt drains from the buzzing drains, without a mask and oxygen cylinder, a person dips and cleanses and doing so is not only dangerous One can be a victim of diseases, but his life is at risk all the time. Hearing on this matter, the Supreme Court remarked on the attitude of the entire government machinery that in no country in the world are people sent to die in the gas chambers; Because of this, four-five people die every month, why don’t you provide them with masks and oxygen cylinders? In the era in which every petty work has become dependent on techniques, the laborers are not provided with masks and oxygen cylinders even when they get into a sewer full of dirt and poisonous gases, then it is not lack of care, carelessness or neglect Is the result.

Normally all the people engaged in the work of cleaning sewer or dirty drains filled with dangerous gases comes from the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society.

Governments careless about toxic gases during cleaning of sewer or large drains

After all, why is this attitude of related people even today? The court also questioned this bias that it has been more than 70 years since the country was liberated, but we still have discrimination on the basis of caste; Despite abolishing untouchability in the constitution, scavengers are not even shaken. Apparently, the top court not only questioned the deaths during sewer cleaning, but also hurt its roots. Ideally, after the court’s comments, our governments should introspect whether the social background of its victims and their neglect is behind the reasons behind the continuous deaths in the sewer even today! Otherwise what is the reason that despite being aware of the toxic gases in the sewer and the risk of death due to them, the workers are discharged and they are not equipped with even the minimum safety equipment?

It is not a hidden fact that all the people engaged in the work of cleaning the sewers filled with hazardous gases or dirty drains, come from the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society. All this continues even after the Supreme Court, through one of its decisions, has issued clear guidelines on prohibiting manual scavenging of sewage, water, sewer, septic tank or drain. But it is difficult to understand why the government and concerned departments do not initiate concrete solutions with strong willpower! There is a broad consensus in the country to end the practice of manual scavenging, but despite two national laws and court directives, no changes have been made on the ground.

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