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‘Green Revolution’ to Eliminate Poverty ‘Model Model -UnfaO Director General Deviate Kirvalidze admits

India’s Green Revolution is the ideal model to overcome poverty and starvation in the world. It is to say that debit Kiravalidze, the candidate for the post of General Secretary of the United States Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) Kiravalidze noted that India is working a lot (in the direction of elimination of poverty and hunger) … the Green Revolution … is a useful model for many countries, how to implement it and how to achieve the results. He said that I trust one thing. You can not remove any more hunger than you. The four-year term of the Director General of UNFOO will begin from August 1. The election for this post is to be held this month, and for this, K. Donaghy of China, Catherine Jasleen Lainele of France, Devit Kirvalidze of Georgia and Ramesh Chand of India are the Candidates. He said that creating ‘proper conditions’ in rural areas is very important for their development. When people ‘reach the market’, and they can make free trade, it helps in increasing food security. He argued that FAO should be an organization that everyone had equal opportunities so that they can produce better and better and reach markets. He said that for FAO to become active, it is necessary to re-shape its policies to make quick decisions.

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