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health along with beautiful skin: pomegranates


A recent study has found that pomegranate is beneficial for health along with the skin. Pomegranates are mainly found in vitamins A, C, E, Folic Acid, and many types of antioxidants. It is also used in many beauty products. Vitamin E present in pomegranate gives skin glow and also helps in the formation of new skin tissues. Apart from this, pomegranate removes stains of skin and makes the color uniform. A scrub made from pomegranate removes skin skin skin cells and fades colors. This scrub can be made easily at home too. Pomegranate peel contains anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties, which work against skin infections. Also, anti-oxidant properties work as an Estridge for the skin. It reduces the symptoms of aging on the surface. Apart from this, pomegranate peels prevent collagen from being harmed in the skin, causing wrinkles on the skin.

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