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Holidays in Bangkok for six days in June

Holiday Bangkok

If you have to do any work of the bank, then this news is essential for you. This is because, according to information from the RBI website, the bank will be closed for six days in June. These six vacations include holidays in different states. So if any work related to the bank is saved, then complete it on time. Let’s know how many days in June and when banks are closed. June 5 – Eid al-Fitr Banks will be closed in all states on this day. June 6 – Maharana Pratap Jayanti. Banks will be closed on this day in Himachal Pradesh. June 8- The banks are closed on the second Saturday. June 15 – King Sankranthi. Banks will be closed on this day in Odisha. June 15- YMA Day. The banks will be closed in Mizoram on this day. June 17- Saga Claim. Bank will remain closed on this day in Sikkim. June 22- The banks are closed on the fourth Saturday.
State banks will remain closed on these festivals
It is celebrated mainly in Ramna ni-Mizoram. In fact, on June 30, 1986, the Mizoram Peace Accord was signed between the Central Government and the former underground Mizo National Front (MNF). Since then, its anniversary is celebrated every year in Mizoram. First King – This festival is celebrated mainly in Odisha. The banks of Odisha will be closed on this day. Raja or Gemini Sankrati – These festivals also celebrate the people of Odisha. This festival is a three-day festival.
Guru Arjan Dev martyrdom day – People of the Sikh community go to these gurudwaras. On this day there is kirtan in gurudwaras, after which the anchor is organized. Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti – Sant Kabir Das was a great saint of our country. Kabir Jayanti is celebrated as his birthday. Khare Puja – This festival celebrates especially the people of Tripura.

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