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Hurricane Destruction in America, Warning Continues

Hurricane Destruction in America

The common man suffering from natural disasters at the global level is becoming helpless. Now in the United States, due to the severe thunderstorms and hurricanes, an emergency has been announced in some places. Experts have also warned that all records of the storm can be broken this time. Along with this, the Tornado has also been informed in the coming days. The person has died since the wind, while hundreds have been injured. The impact of this storm has been seen in the Midwest of America. Hundreds of people have been injured due to this, and thousands of homes and trees have been crushed. Experts say that there is less chance of getting rid of the problem soon. With a strong wind in Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania and western Virginia, there is a continuous stream of rain. Everyone from New Jersey to New York is impressed by it. The National Weather Service has received about 934 tornado reports this year. It is much more than last year. Last year there were 743 reports of Tornado. In the previous 30 days, only about 500 tornado reports have been reported.

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