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If I knew the problems of the people, then the Congressmen started accusing me: Shivraj Singh Chauhan

If I knew the problems of the people, then the Congressmen started accusing me: Shivraj Singh Chauhan

I am among the people suffering from floods and excessive rainfall in Mandsaur. When I reached out among the people and started cooperating with them, communicating with them and knowing their sufferings, the friends of Congress started accusing me of various kinds. Congress people started abusing me. I still say the same, this is not the time to do ‘I and you’, but to stand together for the support of the people. Former Chief Minister and Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Shivraj Singh Chauhan said this while discussing with media in Mandsaur.

I am among the people suffering from floods and excessive rainfall in Mandsaur.

If I knew the problems of the people, then the Congressmen started accusing me: Shivraj Singh Chauhan

– Time to stand with the victims

Shri Chouhan said that I also appeal to the entire state to stand with the brothers and sisters of Mandsaur and Neemuch in this hour of crisis and provide relief material to them. To help the people, I, the regional MPs, MLAs have decided to give one month salary. Our MLAs, colleagues, activists from Ratlam, Ujjain filled trucks and sent relief materials. Relief materials are also coming from Bhopal and Indore. Shri Chouhan said that I spoke to the Chief Minister for flood relief, after discussing with the Commissioner-Collector and made him aware of the situation. I am again appealing to the government to provide relief to the people at Mandsaur and Neemuch at the earliest. He said that even though I am not the Chief Minister, but I have a heartfelt relationship with the people and in this time of crisis I stand with them.

How was the Gandhi Sagar Dam so full of water?

How was the Gandhi Sagar Dam so full of water?

Shri Chouhan said that how much water has accumulated in the Gandhi Sagar Dam, the government should bring a white paper on it. He said that the time to remove water from the dam is fixed. For which month, how much water will remain and how much is to be removed, it remains fixed. Then how did the water of Gandhi Sagar Dam reach full level? He questioned why the water was not removed from the dam in July, August? Why the dam gates were opened simultaneously. The Meteorological Department kept warning, but the Chief Minister and the administration were sleeping on Kumbhkaran. He said that this is the biggest tragedy of the century and whoever is responsible for this negligence should be prosecuted.


Did not see a terrible scene

Former Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that people are taking me to their homes. Showing each house. It hurts the soul to see that the administration is nowhere to be seen. He said that I have not seen a terrible scene in my life. The houses, including the foundation, have been swept away. The grain is rotted, the utensils, the cows, the buffalo all washed away. Ration card, Aadhar card, all household items have been destroyed. 70 tractors were swept away with grain in Devran. In Mandsaur barged inside the shops of traders, the entire goods went bad. Shri Chauhan said that the Chief Secretary is saying in the press conference that all is well, there is no problem. If all is well then how did Rampura flow? How did the ring wall break there? The people of Rampura are saying that water came immediately, no one gave any information.

Help minister by moving between people

Shri Chouhan said that instead of abusing me, the ministers of the government should go among the people and provide them immediate assistance. I urge the administration to first give 25 thousand rupees, 50 kg of grain and 5 liters of kerosene oil to the flood victims so that at least their stove can burn, they can eat bread. Those whose houses have been destroyed, make them new houses and make temporary sheds for 6-8 months. Many people have received huge electricity bills in the villages and have also received notices of attachment. I appeal to the administration that these people are unable to pay the electricity bills after the flood, so the bills should be forgiven and the notice should be withdrawn soon. Power supply should be ensured.

Now forgive the debt

Shri Chouhan said that the farmer has been completely destroyed, 100 percent loss has been caused. I demand from the government to give compensation to farmers at the rate of Rs 40,000 per hectare. For sowing of wheat and gram, the government should give them loan at zero percent. There is an appeal to the Chief Minister that on the land of Mandsaur, you had promised that the debt of farmers will be forgiven in 10 days. Now forgive their debt.

If not given relief till 21, we will protest

Shri Chauhan said that I am submitting the memorandum to the Chief Minister through the Collector today. The government is requested to start helping people. If you do not arrange enough relief, we will come back on 21 September. We will hold a peaceful sit-in demonstration at Mandsaur-Neemuch. This movement of ours will be non-violent, we will pressurize the government to demand relief. Shri Chouhan said that I am confident that the government will work with promptness, so that there will not be any chance to agitate.

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