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Important Steps to Ensure Privacy On Your Smart Phone

Important Steps to Ensure Privacy On Your Smart Phone- Newz of day

These days mobile phones at hands contain almost everything about ourselves. It is the hub of information. Does not matter what device is it or from where have we bought this, starting from emails, private messages to photos, audios, videos, important or unimportant, it’s all stored there. And, mostly we probably don’t put a great thought on how to secure private information. If it does happen to you, there could be two ways to the information getting leaked. One is if and when the device is caught with an unwanted person, may it be by stealing or in any other ways. And secondly, leaking of information by hackers or cyber criminals and misusing it to their benefit. Big companies like, Google, Yahoo, YouTube and the like have Bigdata storage system where all these information go and gather which we cannot restrict. That’s the way it works. However, to be at the safer side of it is to have a number of do’s and do not’s we follow.

The first and foremost is to have your phone locked and password protected.

Most of the today’s smart phones have password protection systems that cannot easily be broken. If a person other than the user has to access it, they have to completely reset it with nil past information. Generally, there are two ways a smart phone to lock. One is Pattern protection and the other one is to protect it with a PIN. Also, beyond that we should be using a password manager to create unique login details for all of your online accounts and making sure that a two-factor authentication is turned on for as many of these accounts as possible. Both will limit how easy it could be for someone to hack into your account using your details. Keeping the auto-updating on is another feature that ensures restrictions on malware and bugs. Also, the privacy settings for applications has to be limited as according to needs like access to location, contact, images etc. Locking all the individual applications with password has to be made and an application, not having trusted privacy policy and too many ads have to be removed from use. Having a security application or an antivirus software could be installed.

Many software are available like MacAfee, Norton Security, Kaspersky etc. These will also be very beneficial to check stalkerware in phones.

There’s been a troubling increase in stalkerware in phones in past few years, the stalkerware manifests itself as normal application running in the background that can record and track everything a person does. The technology can appear invisible unless you specifically check for it and it is a form of coercive control and tech-abuse.

There are a few signs you can observe and check if a stalkerware is there. For instance, a device turning too hot and its battery draining quickly. Cybersecurity companies have been increasingly detecting stalkerware codes through their antivirus. Available Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) could be used as another means to protect data. But always ensure that you are using a paid one than a free one. A few popular ones are Windscribe and Express VPN. They’re both quick and have proven to be good. They don’t store logs of your browsing activity, unlike other VPNs.

Besides, while your phone’s passcode protects your files and data from being retrieved by someone trying to grab access, it doesn’t do anything to secure the kept data on your phone at a technical level. For this, you will need to encrypt your device’s disk. Turning on encryption means that the files can’t be accessed by anyone trying to extract them from your device unless they have the passcode.

To Google,

“Encryption ensures that even if an unauthorized party tries to access the data, they won’t be able to read it.”

Hence, encrypt the phone going to the settings. To do this you’ll have to enter, or create, your phone’s PIN and make sure it is on charge. Encrypting of a full device can take a little while, so it’s best to do this during some idle time. Google has made it mandatory since 2015 that Android devices can be encrypted to increase security of information in phones.

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