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Foreigners need NOC before adopting Indian children: SC

Foreigners need NOC before adopting Indian children: SC

In a decision on Monday, the Supreme Court said that foreigners who wish to adopt Indian children must first take a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the country where they want to take the child. It also said that filing a writ petition in the court cannot be exempted from the legal requirement of Section 59 (12) of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015. The court said that for this, they could take NOC from the Embassy of the country or the High Commission or diplomatic mission in Delhi. The court here has pronounced a judgment hearing on the petition of Australian woman Kerinajen Sports.

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The court has rejected his appeal. The vacation bench of Justice Indra Banerjee and Ajay Rastogi said that it is excellent that the woman has developed an affair with the child and we also believe that getting such a mother will be a matter of good luck, but we can not ignore the law required. The sports attorney had said that in Australia the citizen of the country has to show only that he has adopted the child, based on which he will get a visa. It is not appropriate to take a NOC before the adoption of the child. Sports has been raising two children since 2016. The Sports filed this petition in the Supreme Court after the appeal was dismissed from the Delhi High Court.

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The petition had urged the Central Adoption Resource Authority (Kara) to issue instructions for issuing NOC to the child. On which the High Court had said that the court could not help anybody without the NOC of the embassy. This condition was added in the year of adoption in 2015 when it came to know that foreigners carry children of Indian children, but they do not get recognition in their country and children to become illegal citizens. Many times children are left like this there.source-EMSForeigners need NOC before adopting Indian children: SC

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