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IRCTC has Changes the rules for online train ticket refund

Changes in rules for online train ticket refund

IRCTC has changed the rules for online train ticket refund. The new rules will increase the difficulties of passengers taking online reservations by train. According to the new rule, a passenger making or process of making an online reservation will have to enter the OTP on the mobile number entered to collect the ticket refund only when the ticket balance in the bank account is returned. Actually it was not so yet. In the online ticket refund process, the refund used to go directly to the account as soon as the ticket was canceled, but it will not happen now. IRCTC has implemented the new rule from September 17, but its information is not available to the passengers, which has led to online reservation of hundreds of passengers getting stuck in refunds. In fact, during the online reservation, passengers are not getting the information of OTP by not entering the correct mobile number or entering the mobile number of another. At the same time, some such cases have also come up in which passengers have recorded their mobile numbers, but OTP did not come in it.

Problems of increasing rail passengers.

Changes in rules for online train ticket refund
Changes in rules for online train ticket refund

Travelers mostly get their reservation done through online ticketing agents. Many times tickets are refunded in cases such as not traveling on tickets, waiting tickets or missing trains. Most travelers are not aware of the OTP imperative. If you have, OTP is not coming on their registered mobile number. At the same time, OTP is not coming due to lack of mobile network during the journey, due to which the passenger is not able to give OTP to the agent.

The new rule requires the passenger to enter his correct mobile number while taking the ticket online. IRCTC will send OTP and ticket related information to the recorded mobile number. While taking the refund, an OTP will appear on the passenger’s registered mobile number, which will have to be entered. Only after this the refund process will be approved and the remaining account will get the balance. The refund rules will be the same in case the ticket is taken with the help of an app or an agent.

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