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Is very well received by the tourists of Turkey, not melting the ice cream


Turkey and the country on the border of Asia are in the spotlight due to the political turmoil these days. But there is another thing, which attracts a large number of tourists to this country. The specialty of this ice cream is that it does not melt quickly. There is an ice cream that does not burn very soon. The unique thing is that you do not get this ice cream, you have to work hard to eat it too. This ice cream is found only in Turkey, and it has to be played before playing. Otherwise, you can not eat this unique ice cream. This Turkish ice cream is exceptional because it does not burn like other ice creams, it sticks, sticks. This ice cream is made from goat’s milk and orchids. The creation of this ice cream was started in the town of Kahranamrass. But now it has become trendy in Istanbul too.
The visitors who come to Turkey surely eat this ice cream. The more fun it is to eat this ice cream, the more interesting it is to sell it. Ice cream sellers extend ice cream on their side to woo them repeatedly, but as soon as people push their hands towards them, or hide them to catch, the shopkeeper gives them a chat. Ever removes the ice cream, so ever get rid of an empty cone or cup. Many times even after coming to the mouth, ice cream is not available to eat. Those who sell these skills to shop for buyers have to be trained for four years. Then they learn this skill. To sell ice cream requires a lot of work to do. The sellers fall into the hands of the bark. Hand skin becomes stiff. Thirty-two varieties of this ice cream are sold in Istanbul.

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