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Jain Tirthankara Adinath’s austerities site in Chengdu, Tibet

Rajasthan dungarpur

Scientists claim that there is an Abhishek reservoir in the mountain range of Chengdu, Tibet. Scientists have come to know the possibility of austerity of Lord Adinath here. According to Jain texts, Lord Rishabhdev’s ascetic site is the highest in Mount Kailash from where he attained salvation.

Scientists claim to find Ashtapad, the salvation site of Lord Adinath (Rishabhdev) mentioned in Jain texts. Currently the region is located on the border of South China. Scientists are now assuming that they have reached close to the Ashtapad pilgrimage area after the special pictures taken from the satellite and the discovery around Kailash Mansarovar. Scientists have now started taking help of ISRO for its search. Space scientist Dr. Rajmal Jain, who was part of this special team, has claimed that with the help of scientific friends from India and China, the photographs he collected with the help of remote sensing technology of the satellite.

According to him, strong evidence has been obtained regarding Ashtapad. But the final decision on this has not been made yet because the photographs that have been received are quite blurred. For this, with the help of ISRO, high resolution photographs and through Chinese government are trying to find strong evidence of this discovery. More research is still needed to reach a final conclusion. Dr. Rajmal Jain, a resident of Dungarpur district of Rajasthan has been a scientist in ISRO. He has researched the Earth about the Sun and climate change for almost 40 years. The scientists of this team claim, historians and archaeologists are constantly searching for the discovery of secrets on Mount Kailash and Meru. America and European countries also want to know the method and secret of Lord Rishabhdev’s salvation. Which is mentioned in Jainism texts about Jain Mahatirtha Ashtapad.

Scientists claim to find Ashtapad, the salvation site of Lord Adinath (Rishabhdev) mentioned in Jain texts.

Rajasthan dungarpur

Based on this, scientists from all over the world are busy searching for it. Scientists are claiming to be close to finding the Ashtapad in Tibet, according to the discovery so far using remote sensor technology. According to Jain religious texts, a special kind of energy is conducted around this Mahatirtha site. Here the soul goes directly to the Siddha Kshetra by doing meditation and penance. Keeping in mind this fact mentioned in religious texts, scientists are interested in finding Ashtapad.

The world will know new secrets

Scientists from all over the world are engaged in this work. After the discovery of Ashtapad, the world will get a chance to learn many new mysteries. Scientists are also in constant contact with the Chinese government in this matter. Scientists are constantly trying to complete this discovery through satellite images from ISRO.

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