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Japan completes the quest for the fighter aircraft’F 35 A.’

Japan completes the quest for the fighter aircraft'F 35 A.'

Japan overturned the search mission of the crashing aircraft ‘F-35A’ on Tuesday. About two months ago the plane had crashed into the sea. The ‘F-35A’ was a stealth fighter aircraft avoiding radar access. Japan’s Defense Minister Takeshi Iwia said that the search operation of the crashing aircraft was stopped, but his team was still investigating the plane crash. Maintenance of ‘F-35A’ aircraft in North Japan has not yet been restored. Iwya said that the Ministry would keep an eye on the extensive maritime area with the help of ‘indoor water cameras’ to protect the military intelligence. Experts say that Japan and the United States want to keep the debris with any confidential information from the aircraft in the hands of Russia or China, and Iwaah himself believes that there was enough confidential information in the fighter plane that needs to be preserved.

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