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(Jaunpur) Jalalabadi translated Meera devotional works into Urdu.

Hey, I do not know Prem Diwani, I do not see the needle … Now, give me the Kunj Bihari … like the composer of the stalwarts in devotional songs, considering Krishna as his husband, reaching the peak of his devotion, The poetry and hymns of poetess Mirabai of ancient times can now be read with the sweetness of Urdu. Hashim Raza ‘Jalalabadi’ of Jalalpur of Ambedkar Nagar has translated the hymns of Meerabai into Urdu. Whose name is Nagma-e-Ishq-o-Wafa?
Like her, she used to tell her fakirana style, ‘I am fakir’, I have a fakirana praiser … It is enough that whatever God has done … it is a magnificent palace, for you, the sky is open for me. Meera Aksh is seen in For Urdu poetry of Meerabai. He was awarded the ‘Ganga Jamuna Tahajib Samman’ and ‘Urdu Ratna’ during the Yaday Iqbal during the festival of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy from the Rewait Foundation.
Poet Kumar Vishwas gave good luck with fame from this book. The worship of Lord Krishna’s divine merry is a mirror of craving for his Lord. Meer Girdhar Gopal Doosrao or some other lines show their devotion. This devotional composition can now be humming in Urdu as romantic poetry. During the talks, he told that his book of Meerabai posts and hymns would be released on 17th June at the India International Center in Delhi.
Hashim Raza said that the creation of Meerabai had been very much appreciated since childhood. For this, he worked hard for three years and translated him into Urdu poetry. Leaving the teaching of Aligarh Muslim University, now in writing in Delhi as Chairman of the Meerabai Foundation Institute, Hashim informed that the posts of Meerabai had been translated into 1510 lions.

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