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(Kutch) Indian Coast Guard once again caught millions of drugs, 13 people arrested

Indian Coast Guard has once again caught millions of drugs from a boat from Gujarat’s coastal area. 13 people have also been arrested with drugs. On Tuesday, the ship was found when it was trying to enter India from the international coastal border. About 194 packets of drugs have also been recovered on the boat, which is worth about 500 crores.
Due to the current tension between India and Pakistan, security has been increased in all the borders. Due to being more sensitive to Kutch Border, security agencies of BSF and Coast Guard are being kept there for 24 hours. On Monday, the BSF had dumped two people along with Pakistani boat from the head rake area here. According to the officer of the Coast Guard, on May 19, there was information about bringing the intoxicants in a boat. After that, the search operation was going on for two days. A Dornier aircraft from Porbandar was also included in this operation and, finally, the Pakistani boat was captured with the help of two Indian Intersector Boats. This boat, derived from Karachi of Pakistan, has been caught by the Indian Coast Guard from the international border near the jurisdiction of Kutch. During the investigation of this Pakistani boat, it was seized as soon as it was known that about 500 crores of drugs were found. Significantly, on March 27, Gujarat ATS and Coast Guard had jointly launched a joint campaign. The operation was run. Nine international smugglers were arrested in this operation. ATS and the Coast Guard had also destroyed the Pakistani boat. These smugglers had about 100 kg of drugs

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