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Pakistan’s historic Guru Nanak Mahal sold sabotage, valuable goods.

guru nanak mahal

In the Punjab province of Pakistan, the local people, with the alleged silence of officials of the Waqaf department, broke a large part of the old ‘Guru Nanak Mahal’ and its precious windows and doors were sold.
It is reported in the media report that on the walls of this four-storey building, there were photographs of Hindu rulers and princes in addition to Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism. It is said that ‘Baba Guru Nanak Mahal’ was built four centuries ago. It used to be the centre of Sikhs coming from all over the world, including India.
This castle built in Narowal city, about 100 km from the provincial capital, Lahore, had 16 rooms and every room had at least three doors and at least four rosettes. It has been reported in the report that with the alleged silence of the officials of the Okaf division, a group of locals demolished the palace and sold its precious windows, doors and crystals.
Authorities have no information about the owner of this palace. Resident Mohammad Aslam said that this old building is called Baba guru Nanak palace and we have named his castle. Sikhs used to come here from all over the world, including India.
Another resident Mohammad Ashraf said that the Department was informed about the fact that some influential people are breaking the building, but no official has taken any action nor did anybody arrive here. Ashraf said the impressive people demolished the building with the concurrence of the Okaf division and sold its precious windows, doors, skylights and wood.

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