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Latest Developments on Amazon Alexa!

Latest Developments on Amazon Alexa!- Newz of day

1It has been a while since the Amazon Alexa home Assistant is so popular in market. Almost everyone is using it at their homes. We remember how the A.I. assistants caught the attention of everyone when they first entered the market with their amazing voice assistance to customers about almost everything under the sun. Amazon Alexa has been an amazing A.I. development that is found so handy and has been very widely popular all over the globe. However, Alexa had yet a few limitations relating to language, fluency in discussion threads and other issues that had been worked on under to provide even better service to its customers. This article delivers the recent updates on the developments in the functioning of the amazing Amazon Alexa.

To list a few, first of all Amazon Alexa voice assistant is now capable of Live Translation on Echo devices. The new feature enables users to begin a session for real-time translation between two languages, and the smart speaker will provide immediate voice-based translations to facilitate a conversation between speakers of two different languages. A total of six languages are supported initially, allowing for translations between English and one of the supported languages i.e., Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish. The feature currently only works on Echo devices with locale set to English (U.S.), as per Amazon. On most Echo devices, the feature works through audio, and a session can be started by saying ‘Alexa, translate Hindi’, or whatever other supported language you want to translate to. With this command, users will hear a beep, after which they will need to speak out the sentence or phrase.

Amazon claims that Alexa would then detect the language being spoken and translate each side of the discussion within moments.

On Echo Show devices, users can also see the translation in addition to hearing it. To end a translation session, users can give the command, ‘Alexa, stop.’ Additionally, Amazon claims that the company is planning to improve the feature with language learning and speech recognition technology to offer even better skills. The Live Translation would be helpful in the hospitality industry as foreign guests can communicate with staff members without any language curtails. Notably, Alexa-enabled Echo devices already support translation of several words in different languages. If you have an Echo device with a screen, such as the Echo Show 5 or older Echo Show, the feature likewise delivers an on-screen transcript for the translation. This only works on Echo devices by now, so the person you’re trying to speak to will have to be present in your home with you in most cases. You could also use this in a hotel in a foreign country through the Alexa for Hospitality platform, or using a battery-powered or vehicle-based Echo device, such as Echo Input Portable or Echo Auto, respectively.

Google Assistant by now has a similar feature through Interpreter Mode, that rolled out for smart speakers and smart displays nearly two years ago.

Amazon is a bit late to this game, but this new feature will definitely come in handy for owners of Echo devices and should hopefully roll out to Alexa even on smartphone devices, thereby making it much more beneficial in real-world settings. There is no word about the availability of this feature for Echo devices across countries but it is expected to be included in the latest firmware update. Also, over a last few months, Amazon has been adding innovative language-features on Alexa to improve customer experience for instance the company extended Hindi language support to its Alexa-enabled Fire T.V. devices. It essentially allows users to communicate and view content on T.V. in Hindi. Additionally, the company had rolled out the Multilingual Mode for Amazon Echo users in the U.S. that allows Alexa users to speak in a combination of languages such as English and Spanish, French and English, and so on. With the Live Translation feature on Alexa-powered Echo devices, the company would hope to give stiff rivalries to Google, which already offers alike translation features with its Google Assistant-enabled Nest and other devices.

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