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most of the oilseeds closed last weekend due to weak demand

Oil oilseed prices fell

Despite the boom in global markets, most of the oilseeds closed last weekend due to weak demand for local oilseeds in the country due to cheap imports. Market sources said that the demand was quite normal as speculators under pressure in futures trade and rising imports of cheap edible oils, and mustard seeds and mustard Dadri lost Rs 5 and Rs 10, respectively, over the weekend at 3,910. It closed at Rs. 3,930 and Rs. 7,840 per quintal. Mustard pucca and kachchi ghani fell by Rs 10 each to Rs 1,275-1,575 and Rs 1,475-1,625 per tin. There was a high demand for cheap imported edible oils in the market, due to which prices of groundnut seed (oilseed crop) and groundnut mill delivery Gujarat lost Rs 75 and Rs 750 to close at Rs 4,635-4,795 and Rs 10,500 per quintal. While the prices of groundnut solvent refined by Rs 20 closed at Rs 1,865-1,905 per quintal over the weekend. Sesame mill delivery fell by Rs 500 to Rs 11,000-16,500 for quintal.

Sesame mill delivery fell by Rs 500 to close at Rs 11,000-16,500 per quintal.

Oil oilseed prices fellSoybean mill delivery Delhi and Soybean Indore prices fell by Rs 50 and Rs 130 to Rs 8,030 and Rs 7,820 per quintal over the weekend. CPO X-Kandla lost Rs 80 to close at Rs 5,520 per quintal due to general demand. Cottonseed mill delivery (Haryana), on the other hand, closed at Rs 7,350 per quintal with a loss of Rs 50. While the stock of palmolein kandla closed at Rs 6,140 a quintal on the weekend with a loss of Rs 10, due to the plentiful stock amid rising tariffs, the palmolein RBD Delhi price was 50 during the weekend due to demand for cheaper imported oil. The rupee improved to close at Rs 6,800 per quintal. Maize khal prices also closed at Rs 3,600 per quintal over the weekend, as against Rs 3,550 a quintal the previous weekend amid increasing demand for khal cattle.

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