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Mother-daughter compensation from the government for pollution due to poor health – Pollution in France reached a record level in December 2016

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Mother-daughter filed a case in court on health in the French court. The court has begun hearing a petition on the mother-daughter petition claiming to spoil the health due to air pollution. In the administrative court of Montreal located in the east of Paris, petitioned for compensation of 1.60 million euros (about 1.25 million rupees) from the government. The issue of climate change in France has been dominating quite a few times. The petitioner says that the administration did not take enough steps to deal with the challenges of air pollution and its causes. It has been mentioned in the petition that in December 2016 individual pollution levels were highest, and no steps were taken to deal with it. Let us state that climate change remains a serious issue even now throughout Europe and many other countries.
Mother-daughter claimed in her plea that due to pollution, her health had a terrible effect. The petitioner Jodi says that they live in the suburbs of the outskirts of Paris, where pollution levels are even more dangerous. Due to being connected to the ring road, more than 10 lakh vehicles are operated every day from that area. Due to the operation of trains in such a large amount, it is like a nightmare for more than a lakh people living in the area. Both mother and daughter have to undergo respiratory problems due to pollution. Both argued in their petition that given poor health, the doctor advised them to change the city. Since his change of town, his health has improved considerably. Let us know that in 2016, pollution reached a record level in France in December 2016 and it was the highest in the last decade.

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