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(Mumbai) proposal of drone taxi in Mumbai, MADC will send proposal to DGCA.

In the crowded metropolis like Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, due to the increasing number of vehicles and traffic jams on the roads, it takes a long time to distance the distance. To deal with this problem, the state government is exploring various options. To avoid traffic, the government is currently looking for an alternative to air travel. Can a taxi tax plan be realized under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in a city like Mumbai? Such a proposal was prepared by the Maharashtra Airport Development Corporation (MADC). MADC will send this proposal to DGCA. According to the plan, if the DGCA accepts this proposal, the government will soon start the process of implementing the drone taxi project. It is essential that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has ensured the goal of making the country an air hub. Maharashtra is a significant part of it. In such a scenario, MADC has prepared a draft to realize this project. There is a concept of drone taxi for short-range air traffic. Private companies are keen on this concept of MADC. Therefore positive thinking has started in the context of implementing the PPP model of this project. Soon this project will be finalized. Private companies are ready to start this service in Maharashtra with the help of MADC. Detailed information is being obtained on this plan they have liked. According to MADC officials, the proposal of this project will be sent to DGCA throughout the week. If this proposal gets a green signal from the DGCA to start under the PPP model, then the process of implementing the scheme will start soon.

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