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NGT RO technology has already been declared dangerous

RO water is also dangerous for health

Do you know that RO water can be dangerous for your health. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has already termed RO technology to clean water as dangerous. Recently, the NGT ordered that this dangerous technology should be banned. On 20 May, the NGT ordered the Ministry of Environment that the areas where the amount of TDS in one liter of water is 500 milligrams or less. Restrict the use of RO in those areas. But the Environment Ministry did not take any action on this order of 20 May. Meaning the Ministry of Environment has not decided to ban RO despite knowing that it is proving dangerous for people in many places.TDS means organic matter dissolved in water. That is, bacteria, viruses and metals such as lead, cadmium, iron, magnesium, arsenic. These elements can cause serious problems for the body. Arsenic can also cause cancer.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has already termed RO technology to clean water as dangerous.

RO water is also dangerous for health
RO water is also dangerous for health.

RO is very effective for removing them from water. But RO also removes necessary minerals from the water which are beneficial for the body. That is why the NGT has said in its decision that water is wasted due to RO as well as it is also harmful for health.According to the World Health Organization, if the amount of TDS per liter of water is 500 mg or less, then there is no need to clear the water with RO. That means 500 mg of TDS water per liter can be drunk and it does not cause any harm. TDS are solid minerals dissolved in water, the lower the water is considered to be clean. But this also does not mean that there should be no TDS in the water. Minerals in water are important because they make the water healthy. But research has claimed that by using RO technique, the minerals dissolved in water are almost destroyed. Due to this, the body does not get the necessary minerals and this is why RO technology makes water dangerous.The RO technique eliminates the minerals present in the water while cleaning it, and the lack of mineral in the body can lead to fatigue, weakness, muscle aches and heart related diseases. Meaning that by applying RO, people think that they are drinking clean water, in reality, that water is very dangerous for health, that is why the NGT has ordered a ban on it. Not only NGT, the World Health Organization has also considered RO water dangerous.


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