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Not brushing properly can lead to many fatal diseases

In a recent study, it has been found that the risk of liver cancer increases by up to 75 percent due to poor oral health. A study by Queen’s University in Belfast, UK, was conducted on 4.70 million people in the UK. The data collected was examined. This study tried to find out what is the connection between oral health condition and various types of stomach cancer, including liver cancer, rectum cancer and pancreatic cancer risk. The study revealed that there is a correlation between common oral problems such as mouth ulcers, bleeding from the gums and loose teeth, and cancer risk. However, no significant link was found between stomach cancer and poor oral health. But there was a significant connection between hepatobiliary cancer and oral health. Not only this, due to poor health of the mouth, not only cancer, but also the risk of diseases like heart disease, stroke and diabetes are increased manifold. According to the information, this study was followed up for 6 years. It was revealed that out of 4 lakh 70 thousand participants in the study, 4 thousand 69 people were found to have gastrointestinal cancer. However, only 13 percent of these people had poor oral health. No specific information has been found about the link between poor oral health and liver cancer. One possible cause may be microbes present in the mouth and intestine, which aggravate the disease. Let us know that the liver is like the engine of our body, which removes bacteria and toxins from the body, but when the liver itself becomes ill due to problems like hepatitis, liver cancer or liver cirrhosis, then the liver function decreases. is. This causes more damage by stopping the liver for a long time.

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