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On the nuclear deal with the United States, our goal on this issue is:

On the nuclear deal with the United States, our goal on this issue is:

The issue of the brakigit finally proved to be the bone of the British Prime Minister. Following the announcement of the resignation on 24th May, Thresa May addressed his last press conference as the British Prime Minister on Tuesday. In this, he appealed to US President Donald Trump to cooperate with him, giving a special message. It is notable that Trump is in the UK on a three-day state visit. During a joint press conference in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) after a bilateral dialogue with the Trump on Trouncing with the Trump, we can sometimes have differences with us to face the challenges we face. I have always believed that cooperation and agreement are the basis of strong relations and in this case it is more correct. He said the UK stood with the nuclear agreement, he said that our goals on this issue are one.

Trump talks on trade during UK visit

He said this in the context of Trump’s withdrawal of the US from the nuclear deal with Iran. In reference to some other issues attracting the negative comments of the U.S. President in the past, I called the Paris Agreement a significant basis to deal with climate change and also stressed the economic importance of China.

Rejected the Congress on the proposed wall on the Mexican border

During the press conference, Trump reiterated the need to seek an unprecedented trade deal with Britain. He said that after leaving Britain’s EU (EU) this trade could be doubled or tripled. He regretted that May did not get the credit he deserved for his leadership in the breakage talks. When the opposition Labor Party boycotted their state visit and asked about their direct attacks on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Trump called both Khan and Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin “negative”. He also disclosed that Corbin had contacted his team with a request from a meeting, but due to negativity, he refused to meet the opposition leader.

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