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PM Modi will be involved in programs related to increasing anti-terror.

PM narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s next overseas visit is to the United States and during this time he can participate in large investments related to counter-terrorism operations as well as address the Houston rally and the United Nations General Assembly. It is learned that Modi may join the UN Anti-Terrorism Meeting on September 23 with leaders from France, Jordan and New Zealand. He will also address the Bloomberg Business Meet. The Prime Minister can refer to the improvement in ease of doing business in India. There is also speculation that Modi will separately meet with chief executives of US companies. In this, he will appeal to them to increase investment to speed up the economy. Global technology giants will also attend the anti-terrorism meeting. All governments want to prevent online terrorism from spreading. The meeting is held in the backdrop of the Christchurch terror attack in March and the measures taken to fight French terrorism. France is also taking measures to prevent increasing hatred on online platforms. In this meeting, Modi can outline issues such as cross-border terrorism and stop terrorist funding.

Global technology giants will also attend the anti-terrorism meeting.

PM narendra Modi

Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed on a roadmap to stop terrorism on social media during the August 22 summit. Jordan is also an important ally of India in counter-terrorism and extremism operations. The Prime Minister will address the third Bloomberg Global Business Forum on 25 September. In this, well-known personalities of politics and business sector will be present. He will then interact with entrepreneur and climate change activist Michelle Bloomberg. According to the organizers, the theme of this forum is ‘Restoring Global Stability’. In this, governments and businesses will be united to meet the challenges of economic and environmental instability for the prosperity of the world. It included former US President Bill Clinton, the next president of the European Central Bank and former head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Arden, Bank of England Governor Mark Curney, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger, Goldman Sachs’ David Solomon, Jamie Dieman of JPMorgan Chase, Michael Corbett of Citibank, Tidgen Thiam of Credit Suisse and U Like and Darius Khusroshahi dignitaries also attended.

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